Beautiful Zimbabwe video to released soon

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Beautiful Zimbabwe video to released soon

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Leonard Ncube in Victoria Falls  
UNDERRATED Irene Tigere Mutangadura is sure to cut herself high in the music industry as she is working on a video for her new song Beautiful Zimbabwe meant to market the country’s tourism resorts.
Since the coming in of the new political dispensation, the country has been on a rebranding exercise on political and economic fronts as well as tourism.

Government also introduced provincial branding campaigns where each province was tasked to outline all areas of resort in them so they feed into a national appeal to market the country as a destination of choice.

Mutangadura has taken the initiative and composed the song Beautiful Zimbabwe which sells the country to prospective visitors.

For starters, she has won the hearts of the Ministry of Environment, Tourism and Hospitality Industry and Zimbabwe Tourism Authority who have embraced her as the country’s tourism ambassador.

She was the lead entertainer at the recent Tourism Convention and at the World Tourism Day celebrations in Victoria Falls.

She was also guest performer at the Sanganai/Hlanganani expo and Youth in Tourism conference in Bulawayo where she sampled the song.

Now she is working on the video and has shot clips in Victoria Falls, Kariba and Chinhoyi Caves. Mutangadura said she identified a gap and thought of contributing to the country’s transformation.

“I composed the song in close consultation with Ministry of Environment, Tourism and Hospitality Industry and Zimbabwe Tourism Authority. There have been songs to market our destinations before but I believe I’ll make a difference as I’m focusing on all resorts to market the grand Zimbabwe destination,” she said.

The song which is in English and French is a direct invite to the world to sample the country’s resorts. She will visit all resorts countrywide.

“The aim is to market the whole of Zimbabwe in terms of tourist destinations. Those who don’t hear the two languages I believe they will feel like wanting to visit the country after watching the video.

“I saw a gap judging by the new environment brought by the new dispensation and the renewed interest in the country’s tourism.  I asked myself what contribution I can make to the country’s transformation as a girl child and felt I should use my talent in the studio. I’m glad because the powers that be took it up and guided me,” she said.

In the song she mentions all resorts as she invites and welcomes visitors in English and French, with the beat changing from a fusion of traditional mbira and afro, to fast paced rhumba.

Mutangadura said her 16 years in the music industry have not been rosy, and challenged female musicians to soldier on as God will one day open the way for them.

“I want to encourage all female musicians to put everything to God. It wasn’t easy for me to be where but I believe God has his time. So I encourage every girl child to work hard and pursue their dreams. I also want to appreciate the Ministry and ZTA for the support,” she said.

She has worked with the likes of Mercy Mutswene, Elias Musakwa, Pastor Charles and Olivia Charamba and Mathias Mhere among others.

Mutangadura has three albums and three singles on her sleeve.

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