Behind the wall chess tournament for Khami Prison

27 May, 2022 - 11:05 0 Views
Behind the wall chess tournament for Khami Prison

The Sunday News

Nohlelo Mlilo, Sunday News Reporter 

ON 28 to 29 of May, Khami Prison shall be hosting the prestigious chess tournament under the auspices of the Zimbabwe chess Federation (ZCF), Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) as well as Bulawayo Chess Association.

The showdown shall see 65 inmates, 25 ZPCS officials and 50 civilians battle it out on the chess board.

ZPCS national spokesperson, chief superintendent Meya Khanyezi said that the name of the event is behind the wall chess tournament and is facilitated by ZCF in collaboration with ZPCS and usually the tournament was held in Harare with few prisons from the capital engaging.

“The name of the tournament is “behind the wall chess tournament” and it is organized by ZCF in partnership with ZPCS, and traditionally the tournament was held in Harare with a few prisons mainly from capital participating and the event from Khami prison is bigger and better as it involves all prisons and ten provinces,” said Khanyezi.

She went on to say that inmates will be participating in the game with correctional officers and it is a rehabilitation tool because it gives inmates time to interact with the society.

“Inmates shall participate in the game of chess together with correctional officers, and chess is used as a rehabilitation tool in ZPCS as it provides a platform for interaction between inmates, officers and society, the event is also going to be used to identify potential inmates to participate at the intercontinental Chess Championships for inmates scheduled for October this year,” she said.

“Zimbabwe participated at the first intercontinental Chess Championship for inmates last year and emerged second,” said Khanyezi added.

Lastly she said that to make the event a success she is requesting numerous stakeholders to provide financial or material gifts to those participating.

“To make this event a success we appeal to various stakeholders to get involved through the provision of monetary as well as material prizes for participates,” she said.

A Bulawayo Chess Association member Wayne Gazi said that among the participating civilians they shall be cream of Bulawayo and Zimbabwe Republic Police interacting with the inmates and prizes shall be awarded to the winners.

“Among the civilians shall be the cream of Bulawayo as well as ZRP Bulawayo who have proved themselves formidable in the game and this ward the inmates a chance to interact with the outside world as well, as a chance to renew dreams and hopes,” said Gazi.

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