Boxing top bill set for Palace Hotel

08 Dec, 2023 - 12:12 0 Views
Boxing top bill set for Palace Hotel

The Sunday News

Raymond Jaravaza, Online Reporter

IT’S boxing galore at Palace Hotel on Saturday when a plethora of amateur and professional pugilists take to the ring in the last major boxing tournament of the year in the City of Kings.

The tournament dubbed ‘Night of Champions’ will be hosted by Palace Hotel in conjunction with the Zimbabwe Boxing Federation.

Boxers from the Zimbabwe National Army, Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services, the Air Force of Zimbabwe, local boxing clubs like Tshaka and Nketa as well as others dotted around the city’s western suburbs are expected for the tournament.

Traditionally, the security forces particularly the Zimbabwe National Army have the largest pool of amateur boxers given the number of boxing clubs with military barracks that are well resourced with equipment.

This will be the umpteenth time that the establishment will be hosting a boxing tournament in recent years, giving renewed hope to local boxing fans that the sport is still alive and well in Zimbabwe after years of stagnation.

Zimbabwe Boxing Federation official Arvian Mathe said the growth and future of the sport lies in affording boxers with regular competitions throughout the year so that they perfect their trade.

“It’s encouraging when our boxers are given an opportunity to square off against one another such the tournament at Palace and my plea is for the business community to continue partnering the Zimbabwe Boxing Federation for regular tournaments to give boxers more fighting time and experience,” said Mathe.

Palace Hotel proprietor Tapiwa Gandiwa said: We have a good relationship with the Zimbabwe Boxing Federation and we are grateful that we will be providing a venue for yet another major boxing tournament. Besides hosting musical shows, Palace Hotel is also known for boxing tournaments, which give our patrons something different for their weekend entertainment”.


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