Brig Gen (Rtd) Levy Mayihlome mourns the late Dr SB Moyo

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Brig Gen (Rtd) Levy Mayihlome mourns the late Dr SB Moyo The late Dr Sibusiso Moyo

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Rutendo Nyeve

CHAIRMAN of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Defence, Home Affairs and Security Services and Umzingwane Member of Parliament Brig Gen (Rtd) Levy Mayihlome has described the late Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Lt Gen (Rtd) Dr Sibusiso Moyo as fearless, hardworking, innovative and a creative strategist who never gave up no matter how difficult the situation was.

In his condolence message following the announcement by His Excellency, President Mnangagwa of the death of Dr Moyo, the former ZPRA liberation struggle fighter who worked under the late Dr SB Moyo in Zambia and back home after independence  expressed his devastation saying the country had lost a gallant son of the soil.

“I am devastated that this man, friend, hero and comrade for so many years is no more. I have known him from the days of the liberation struggle when he was an instructor in Zambia. I was in the security department but I got to know him closely after independence during the intergration exercise when he was selected to be one of the instructors at the Zimbabwe Millitary Academy. When we came in there for our intergration he was one of the instructors in the junior division in the Zimbabwe School of Infantry then, now ZMA. I also worked with him in the defence forces specifically in the ZNA when we were junior officers because after his work as an instructor he was transfered to the army headquarters to be a staff officer where we worked together as directing staff,” said Cde Mayihlome.

He desrcribed the late General as a fearless and hardworking general while recalling some of the events in the army where the late General led with innovation and passion.

“Dr Moyo was a fearless, hardworking General who would never give up no matter how difficult the situation was. He was innovative, creative, fearless and a persistant workaholic. I recall in the 1990s when we were junior officers or Majors at the time when we were doing the defence review, he was so passionate about that document. When some of us thought we would have done our best and the document was ready for presentation, you would get a call in the middle of the night or early morning to say he needs to see us early the following day. In that meeting he would say ‘guys we need to start afresh, something has crossed my mind.’ We would revise the document and analyse everything to give it depth before presentation. Eventually it was presented and he led the presentation to the Ministry and senior commanders,” said Cde Mayihlome

He attributed his success in the army to his confident character that also saw him rising through the ranks.

“He was very confident even at that junior rank, he grew up with that which is why his promotion from field officer to general officer was rapid because he was a strategic thinker. He would never give up if he had known something to be correct. He was also good at recognising talent and rewarding it appropriately. He was never satisfied with the status quo even when he was promoted to a higher rank to command the then 6th Brigade, General Moyo was outstanding. He would relate virtually with everybody, infact it was not surprising that he stood out and ended up where he was as a Minister of Foreign Affairs which is a high ranking Cabinet portifolio.  I am so proud to have rubbed shoulders with this man and I am so dissapointed that he didn’t see all the projects he had in mind. I am sad that General Moyo is no more when there is so much to be done in this country. The defence forces, government and country at large has lost a strategist, a man of the people. Rest in peace General,” said Cde Mayihlome.

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