Budding author set to release debut book

10 Feb, 2019 - 00:02 0 Views
Budding author set to release debut book

The Sunday News

Keratiloe Makhurane, Sunday Life Reporter
LITERATURE has been the form of expression to the society at large.

Bulawayo’s Owen Mthobie Moyo (22) has taken the path to be the voice of the voiceless with his first book titled The Power Anger Over Joy (In the Valley of Duo Identities).

His book is based on dismantling the illusions and perceptions of power that are found in society and focuses on how these perceptions came to be.

“I believe knowledge is everywhere and it is up to us to deduct it from everywhere it is,” said Moyo.

He further explained the major messages he wanted to send across.

“It’s not about being in a position of influence that makes one to be deemed powerful but it is the content of one’s personality that makes them powerful. The main focus is that one does not need to hold public position or influencer position to be powerful in the society.”

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