Bulawayo Arts Awards decision announcement on Friday

01 Jul, 2020 - 13:07 0 Views
Bulawayo Arts Awards decision announcement on Friday

The Sunday News

Bruce Ndlovu, Sunday Life Reporter
A final decision on whether this year’s ROIL Bulawayo Arts Awards will be announced on Friday,  with indications that this year’s ceremony could be an online event, following a trend set by other awards ceremonies worldwide.

The BAAs, which are slated for August, have been in doubt because of the Covid-19 necessitated lockdown measures which strictly forbid gathering in large crowds.

Previously, organisers of the BAAs had signalled that a decision would be arrived at by the end of June, as they were apprehensive about whether a scaled down version of the ceremony would strip it of its glitz and pomp.

One of the founders of the BAAs, Raisedon Baya, said they were set for further consultation with the principal sponsors of the show, ROIL, before a final verdict was communicated on Friday.

“We will need to make an announcement or a presser by Friday. We will clarify with our sponsor on the final way forward. The details will come out on Friday after we have sat down with our major sponsor,” Baya said.

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