Bulawayo comics now residents at the Shoko festival

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Bulawayo comics now residents at the Shoko festival Ckanyiso Dat Guy

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Ckanyiso Dat Guy

Ckanyiso Dat Guy

Khahliso Ncube
THREE years in a row, Bulawayo comedians are scooping prizes of comedy in Shoko Festival. In 2016 Shoko Festival was celebrating Mandla Da Comedian, in 2017 it was celebrating Maforty and now in 2018 it was Ckanyiso Dat Guy and that is all the proof needed in labelling Bulawayo comedy the best.

The Shoko Festival is Zimbabwe’s fastest growing international festival and has established itself as a major event on Zimbabwe’s annual arts calendar.

Shoko is a vibrant space that hosts everything from live concerts, comedy nights, talks and discussions, to cutting edge presentations on tech and new media.

This show was tough for Ckanyiso Dat guy as he was the only performer from Bulawayo and he had to make Bulawayo proud like his fellow brothers Maforty and Mandla Da Comedian.

In all his performances that he had played he had never made jokes out of a theme most of his jokes were random and that made him nervous as he has to be sticking to a particular topic and be relevant.

“The competition was tough for me because when I was back stage I heard a guy performing and his piece was good and that made me doubt myself.

When I looked around the backstage I saw that I was the only guy for comedy from Bulawayo and that made me feel out of place but in the back of my mind I told myself that I will nail my performance and the Bulawayo guys who had performed previous years had won so I had to win also,” said Ckanyiso Dat guy.

Mandla Da Comedian was the first comedian to open doors of winning for the Bulawayo comedy in the Shoko Festival.

He won his Shoko prize in 2016 and the rest of his Bulawayo brothers followed and that made him proud of Bulawayo comedy that it has invaded Harare. From his view him and his comedy brothers winning, it was a way of proving that winning is not determined by the city you are coming from as the guys from the capital city always looked down on Bulawayo comedy.

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