Business consultancy firm embarks on mentorship facility

19 Sep, 2023 - 14:09 0 Views
Business consultancy firm embarks on mentorship facility Tyson Lunga

The Sunday News

Amanda Mlevu, Sunday News Reporter

A BULAWAYO business consultancy firm has embarked on a programme where they train and mentor Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) at the same availing them with key business opportunities.

Episence business consultancy is a startup company, owned by Mr Tyson Lunga who said they were focusing on mentoring SMEs through providing trainings and networking opportunities through seminars, business consultations and collaborating with organisations that share the same passion.

Mr Lunga said that as a company they believe that they are business doctors as they help young people master the skills of entrepreneurship.

“We believe we are the Business Doctor, which is our motto, and we look forward to being the leading SME mentor company in Africa in the next 15 years,” said Mr Lunga.

He highlighted that they don’t only create a platform for youths to flourish in business but they also run an indigenous shop where they sell detergents, that are locally produced.

“Besides trainings we are currently selling form baths, dishwashing liquid, pine gel, and toilet cleaners produced by local producers,” he said.

Mr Lunga said the vision for the indigenous shop is to promote local brands through mentoring indigenous business people.

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