BUZ announces election candidates

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BUZ announces election candidates BUZ president Joe Mujuru

The Sunday News

Simba Jemwa, Sports Correspondent

THE Basketball Union of Zimbabwe (BUZ) has announced the final list of candidates eligible to take part in this month’s elective congress to be held at Mtshabezi High School in Gwanda District,  Matabeleland South Province.

The elective congress has attracted a record 21 candidates who were vetted by the Union’s nomination court and announced by the outgoing BUZ president Joe Mujuru at a Press conference held in Bulawayo this Thursday.

The build-up to the elections has had its fair share of controversy after former Harare Basketball Association president, Sani Mbofana accused the Mujuru-led BUZ central board of manipulating the constitution to block certain candidates from participating.

Mbofana later declared his interest in the secretary-general’s post, but was ineligible to stand until the same central board used its discretionary powers as set out in the constitution to allow his nomination to stand.

According to the BUZ constitution, for one to be eligible to serve as secretary-general, they need to have served at least two terms in the central board or be allowed to stand for election at the discretion of the same central board.

In his case, Mbofana only served three years of his four-year term as HBA president before resigning which made him ineligible for this election.

Mbofana also criticised the calibre of basketball administrators currently in the game: “Some and if not most went there with not even the slightest experience of running a chicken run.  The amendments heralded a situation that will see recycling of same old faces, who from where I stand have failed the game of basketball for some time now.

“Ironically, most of these members of the central board are part of this scam as they had a hand in passing this constitution. Most of these oversee dead provinces with virtually nothing to show. BUZ structures and especially the central committee and executive will not see any new faces for a period of 10 -15 years and a situation I personally feel further drives the game into oblivion,” Mbofana told local media.

Mbofana is challenging incumbent chairman Yemurai Chamboko for the secretary-general’s office while outgoing BUZ president (technical). Sikhumbuzo Ndlovu is also in the running for the same post.

Mujuru second term in office will only be guaranteed if he is able to defeat current HBA president, David Pick and dark horse, Allen Mavhunga. While the candidature of Mujuru and Pick was not in question, the nomination court initially red-flagged Mavhunga’s nomination by the national association of Secondary Heads (Nash)who cited him as a “sponsor” but later changed his status within the association to “member” after being quizzed by the nomination court, casting doubt on the validity of his “membership” at Nash.

Speaking at the Press conference, Mujuru said the nomination court has vetted and passed the nomination of the 21 candidates after an exhaustive process.

“We are finally able to announce the candidates that have been vetted and allowed to stand for election after a very exhaustive process. One candidate, Allen Mavhunga was given the nod after initially being red-flagged while another, Sani Mbofana was allowed to stand at the discretion of the central board as per the BUZ constitution,” Mujuru said.

Commercial Commission: Simba Munamba

Athletes Commission: Theo Weale, Johnson Shumba, Taurai Chitsinde

Competitions Commission: Mthulisi Makhosana, Gideon Chikopa, Ndumiso Mabhena

3×3 Commission: Pendrick Ndlovu, Nash Majoni, Ignatius Yesaya

Technical Commission: Brighton Navaya, Tonderai Shasha

Women & Youth Commission: Tracey Phiri, Jacqueline Chironga

Treasurer-General: Brighton Ncube

Secretary-General: Sikhumbuzo Ndlovu, Sani Mbofana, Charmain: Yemurai Chamboko

President: David Pick, Allen Mavhunga, Joe Mujuru [email protected]

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