BUZ secretary general to stay put

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BUZ secretary general to stay put

The Sunday News

Innocent Kurira, Sports Reporter
CHARMAINE Chamboko will remain the Basketball Union of Zimbabwe (Buz) secretary-general, until the association’s extra ordinary congress scheduled for December.

This is despite allegations that Chamboko’s holding of the post is in breach of the Buz constitution.

The alleged consitutional breach emanates from Chamboko’s election into the Zimbabwe Olympic Committee Board as chairperson for media, communications, public relations and diplomacy in April this year.

According to the Harare and Bulawayo Basketball Associations, the Buz executive committee had contravened its constitution by allowing Chamboko to remain in office after her ZOC election.

In their letters of complaint to Buz, the two provincial bodies cited Section 35.11 of the Buz constitution which states that: “The BUZ SG may not hold any other position outside of the FIBA structures.”

In their letters, the HBA and the BBA argue that this, therefore, means the BUZ S-G’s election to the ZOC position of Ordinary Board Member, while continuing to be the BUZ SG was ultra-vies (in violation) of the BUZ constitution section 35.11.

In a statement dated October 11, 2021,Buz president Joe Mujuru gave a breakdown of subsequent communication and resolutions concerning Chamboko’s continued tenure as Buz secretary-general. Mujuru also revealed that prior to her election, Chamboko had consulted the Buz executive committee who in turn consulted the congress.

“That till the EOC and the subsequent BUZ elections, the status quo remains and the BUZ secretary general continues in her role. On 26 April 2021 the BUZ secretary-general Ms Charmaine Chamboko competed for and won the position of Ordinary Board Member in the Zimbabwe Olympic Committee. Prior to this, the BUZ SG has sort the support and approval of the BUZ Executive Committee on 23 March 2021 and she had been cleared to proceed and compete for the position, without prejudice,” Mujuru wrote.

“The BUZ Executive committee on 6 April 2021 in turn informed the BUZ Congress and received no objection. Based on the clearance from the BUZ Executive Committee and the no objection from the BUZ Congress, the BUZ secretary general proceeded to present her candidature for the ZOC Ordinary Board Member position and subsequently won it.

This meant that the BUZ secretary general now effectively held the two positions concurrently.”

Mujuru then went on to highlight consultations held with various basketball arms including Buz executive committee, Buz Legal Advisor, Zimbabwe Olympic Committee, FIBA Africa and various basketball stakeholders and the subsequent resolutions.

“In response to the two letters of complaint, the BUZ president undertook a series of consultations with the BUZ EXCO, BUZ Legal Advisor, ZOC, FIBA Africa and various basketball stakeholders. With the wisdom of the advice given, the BUZ president convened meetings with the BUZ Central Board on 22 September 2021 and on 28 September 2021. HBA and BBA were given space to air out their complaints and their rationale.

“The BUZ secretary general was also given space to respond to the complaints. These meetings were characterised by honest, robust and critical dialogue and engagement on how best to address this issue and agree on the way forward.” reads the statement.

The president also thanked the basketball family for the manner in which the issue was handled.

“I want to thank the Basketball leadership in Zimbabwe for the maturity and togetherness they have demonstrated in arriving at this decision and the way forward regarding the challenge of the position of the BUZ secretary general.

I believe that we will come out of this process stronger and basketball will be the ultimate winner.” — @innocentskizoe

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