Calm prevails in Byo

31 Jul, 2020 - 15:07 0 Views
Calm prevails in Byo

The Sunday News

Sunday News Reporters
BULAWAYO residents have ignored the illegal demonstration called by some opposition political parties.

The demonstration, called by what Government described as illegal regime change agents was  scheduled for today.

Major shops and retail stores opened for business although there was little human traffic in the morning, with the situation getting busy as the day progressed.

The newscrew noted that most residents  remained indoors,  adhering to Covid-19 lockdown regulations.

The Bulawayo city centre was peaceful with security details patrolling, ensuring there are no incidents of violence.

Most major shops like OK and Greens supermarket were open. Traffic at the Central Business District was also minimal with roadblocks leading to the city being manned by the security sector with people offering essential services being given passage into town.

July 31 had been set by the opposition to effect regime change disguised as an anti-corruption demonstration.

In a statement, posted on the ZRP official Twitter account, police assured members of the public of their safety.

“The ZRP wishes to advise the public that the security situation in the country is calm and peaceful. The public should continue with normal day to day activities with the full knowledge that their safety and security is guaranteed,” read the statement.

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