CCC: The home of ideological wandering

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CCC: The home of ideological wandering Citizens for Coalition Change

The Sunday News

Meluleki Moyo, Sunday News Correspondent
WITH the approach of the new millennium, they began their long journey towards some anticipated political utopia. Perhaps tormented by the demons of splitting and splintering, lack of unity and cohesion got the better of them.

Christopher Dell, Charles Ray, Brian Nichols, came and left. Former President Robert Mugabe, Morgan Tsvangirai, lived and died. Tsholotsho FC, Gunners FC, rose and fell. HIV and Aids, the Covid-19 pandemic, ravaged and eased.

Weary and tired owing to exhaustive political perambulation, and surprisingly failing to appreciate the simple truth that there is no need for new names but action to make an impact, disunity and perpetual ideological poverty is still getting the better of the Movement for Democratic Change splinter group nowadays known as the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC).

Former President Cde Robert Mugabe

So clear is the level of cluelessness at the Nelson Chamisa herded flock that it even embarrassed some of their western handlers. More confusingly and making the most noise, its mobile-mouth spokespersons in the mould of Fadzai Mahere and Gift Ostallos Siziba (not sure chosen by who), have dismally failed to crystally present the CCC cause, besides giving an excellent lecture on how to be empty vessels.

Unleashing an army of keyboard warriors, the CCC has obliviously exposed its ideological malnutrition as the ideologically weak warriors have even resorted to “dot” political opponents on Twitter, very symbolic of how the purported largest opposition in the land has reached a complete full stop in terms of meaningful political debate.

With a collective sense of entitlement, the CCC flock bully all and sundry perceived to be of differing political opinion. Wherever they got the bullying DNA from being everyone’s guess, and as to be expected, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) has been the first casualty even before the announcement of the 2023 poll date.

Again, elections are not conducted on Twitter, otherwise had that been the case, the CCC keyboard warriors would even catapult a global president to victory. It’s as well public knowledge, that the CCC fold is politically skating on the illegally imposed sanctions against Zimbabwe by the EU and the United States.

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec)

Surprisingly though, there are a bunch of countries with proven and traceable records of human rights violations but currently doing business worth hundreds of billions of dollars with the US and the EU. Subsequently, this is evident that our only crime was to redistribute the land at the turn of the new millennium. How bitter and unforgiving!

In actual fact, the prolonged sanctions are meant to frustrate the ordinary citizen, and resultantly, influence voter attitudes. Hence begging the question; free, credible and fair elections, where art thou?

This is as well arguably the reason why the CCC flock gets agitated, frustrated and irritated at the mention of any developmental strides made by the Second Republic, regardless of a heavily sanctioned environment.

The pace may be slower than anticipated, especially given the economic obstacles, but fellow citizens, it won’t do any harm to acknowledge that the Second Republic under President ED Mnangagwa has made significant strides, especially with regards to infrastructure, energy, urban planning and transport sectors.

The roads rehabilitation programme cannot be deliberately ignored, and most importantly, the super highways are not meant for the swift movement of merchants of violence but for trade and commerce.

President Mnangagwa

Talk of the Muzarabani oil and gas project, the new capital at Mt Hampden, the strategic airports as well as the new Parliament courtesy of our all-weather friends, the Chinese. Very significant during this Heroes month as China stood with us during and after the liberation struggle — all-weather friends indeed, we proudly repeat and reiterate.

Over and above all, the underlining reasoning is that the Zimbabwe political environment is home to two distinct groups, that is, the endorsers and sympathisers.

Academic and popular accounts have shown that the ruling Zanu-PF party has endorsers, whilst the opposition on the other hand has sympathisers, mostly individuals who have in the past had a brush with misfortune. This fluid cabal will not miss any opportunity to criticise anything Zanu-PF, including noble.

Furthermore, the difference between these two is that endorsers are grounded in the party ideology and values, and hence loyal. No matter how hard things become, endorsers flaunt optimism and never give up, especially being cognisant of the causes of the hardships. Come rain, come thunder, these seldom play blind to an array of factors contributing to the hardship faced.

On the other hand, there is a semblance of rapport between a political grouping and its sympathisers, with the latter likely to jump ship even unannounced. Lack of values, ideology and ethos offer perfect solace for such temporary home-seekers and political soothsayers, disgruntled and wandering souls.

Regrettably for the latter, many end up instead turning activists in their respective careers. This is probably the very reason why we have activist lawyers, doctors, journalists and even pastors in our midst. This sums up the case of the CCC sympathisers, and what stands out is that during their misguided toil for the structureless opposition, each time they open their eyes and mouths, they deliberately see no good and speak no good.

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