Charity Walk for teenage athlete’s spinal surgery

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Charity Walk for teenage athlete’s spinal surgery Londiwe Ndlovu

The Sunday News

Mbulelo Mpofu, Sunday News Reporter

TODAY, hordes of well-wishers will take part in a charity walk to raise funds for athlete, Londiwe Ndlovu’s spinal surgery.

Ndlovu was diagnosed with Idiopathic scoliosis in 2019 and is in need of US$15 000 for surgery in Harare.

Idiopathic scoliosis is one of three different types of scoliosis that cause the spine to develop an abnormal curve. “Idiopathic” means there is no definite cause. Idiopathic scoliosis is the most common type of scoliosis. It tends to run in families and affects girls eight times as often as it affects boys. In many cases, idiopathic scoliosis is mild and requires no treatment other than close monitoring.

Sunday News is in possession of one of her X-rays which shows the abnormal curve and Ndlovu narrated her ordeal said she finds it tough coping with her situation.

“It’s not easy dealing with it (Idiopathic scoliosis). Sometimes, l don’t sleep. I first have to take pain killers to ease the pain and the situation worsens rapidly. My posture is bent to the right, my right side is bigger than my left, l get cramps in joints, Lower back pain, shortness of breath and numbness of limbs. l can’t stand or sit for a long time as l get tired. l have cold hands and feet and I stopped doing sports because of shortness of breath and getting tired  in a short time, “ she said.

The 18-year-old used to actively participate in track and field events at Mkhithika Primary School as well as Njube High School but her condition has stifled her athletic ambition.

The fundraising walk will be from City Hall to Bulawayo Adventist High School. It will be coupled by a concert where Acappella and chorale music lovers are set to enjoy music from Chapel Bells, Soul Essence and Cowdray Park Chorale.

Prince the Poet, author Leroy Mthulisi Ndlovu, Thabani Moyo and Zwelithini Mjabulisi Dlamini will also offer entertainment.

Ndlovu’s case is synonymous to Tino Dzengerere who got help from the only surgeon known to operate Idiopathic scoliosis in Zimbabwe. – @eMKlass_49

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