Chiza moves into mansion …bathroom in the kitchen!…magical Eagle encounter revisited

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Chiza moves  into mansion …bathroom in the kitchen!…magical Eagle encounter revisited

The Sunday News

Peter Matika, Senior Life Reporter
DR Prophet Blessing Chiza, founder of Eagle Life Assembly church in Bulawayo has moved into his reported $600 000 plus extravagant mansion in one of Bulawayo’s springing suburbs.

Dr Prophet Chiza moved to his 24-roomed home last weekend, after moving from a house in Parklands suburb. He held a house warming get-together only for invited guests, where he invited the army band to perform. The opulent home boasts of cutting edge designs, which Dr Prophet Chiza is reported to have borrowed from world renowned individuals’ homes such as former US president Bill Clinton. The property, which was built over a period of about two years, has an amazing lighting system all around the yard, double lock-up garage, library, a prayer room, jacuzzi, en-suites in most of the rooms, tiled floors, and a stunner — a bathroom in the kitchen.

The property also features a foyer and gallery with gorgeous interior designs leading to an enormous lounge. The home has en-suite guest bedrooms with walk-in closets, as reported by a source close to the family. Although the Man of God declined to comment, sources close to him said that he was happy with his investment and was at peace.

“He is really happy to have finally moved into his own home. He has always wanted to own a house and this is his dream come true, thanks and all praise be to God,” said the source.

Born about seven years after his parents had gone through a traumatising experience of losing two daughters and having to face a series of challenges including a road accident, which threatened his life, as well as a series of illnesses that were life threatening, his tale is a typical rags to riches story, where after all his suffering, patience and belief in Christ he has finally received his earthly blessings.

Dr Prophet Chiza is a man who has a knack for excellence and living righteous life, which he achieved against the odds of growing up in a poverty stricken area in Chizhanje high density area in Old Mabvuku, which was one of the poorest areas in Old Mabvuku, Harare and characterised by violence, where youths indulged in smoking and drinking.

At one time he succumbed to drinking such that he was called Papa Mabhule and Jah Wise Nyandoro for he was a leader of a street gang of Redbelt Karate bullies that used to beat up people. But he was raised by parents who feared God and enforced values of Christianity into their children. He was channeled to the word of God and the teachings of Mrs. Gwangwadza who greatly influenced him, taught him the word of God though, she couldn’t convert Prophet to Christ. He joined AFM in Africa Freedom Sengwayo church through a neighbour Munyaradzi Muswaka and received Jesus. He got out of gangs and managed to quit drinking, got intelligent at school but later backslided because of influence of friends especially one that used to be close to him, known by a nickname popular in Chizhanje, who was called Sangoma.

He went to Mabvuku Primary and High School which is where he received Jesus Christ in the early 1990s. There he began taking leading roles in the school’s scripture union. Together with other students they would pray in school grounds and hold conferences. During one of the conferences at Tafara High School in early 90s, he received his calling as a huge, massive eagle angel appeared from Heaven. To his eyes it came down with stretched legs and landed on the roof of a classroom. It was big to an extent that he even thought the classroom was going to collapse, though later he realised that it was a spiritual vision.

A great and enormous eagle, size unbelievable, that spread its wings, with a white head and a white tail, landed with a strong wind blowing hard and even entered into his chest, this Holy Spirit filled spiritual wind made him strong and eager to win souls for Christ. From that day with unquenchable fire, he started preaching in buses, commuters, schools, beer halls, night clubs, rural growth points, market places, First Street Harare and door to door in people’s homes.

This Eagle angel encounter has the divine roots of Eagle Life assembly logo, name, slogans, history, teachings that Dr Prophet Chiza cherishes. He also heard a voice coming from Heaven when he was praying at their home in Chizhanje at G74 Hunga St, saying he was called to be an Apostle and Prophet, to preach and evangelise everywhere and bring people to Christ. He later in the mid-90s became a Christian Union chairman at Kwekwe Polytechnic College, where his ministry intensified, grew and shook the city of Kwekwe. He was studying a Diploma in Accounting while leading a Christian Union group that was so powerful, attracted big preachers, great men of God, crowds and many Christians in Kwekwe.

As a result many students from Bindura University, Nust, University of Zimbabwe, many Polytechnical and Agricultural colleges in Zimbabwe including pastors from various churches came to fellowship under his CU ministry. He led other students in dedicating their time to outreach programmes in rural areas, in Mberengwa, Gaha, Mhondoro, Mashayamombe, Shurugwi and Zvishavane, among other areas, spreading the word of God. He was made chairperson of all Christian Unions in Zimbabwe called “FOCUS” Fellowship of Christian Unions of Colleges in Zimbabwe.

Dr Prophet Blessing miraculously found Faith in God Ministries International church and was mentored, groomed and shepherded to the spiritual level where he is now by his spiritual father Archbishop Asa Gurupira, straight from Mabvuku High School Scripture Union.

He found Faith in God Ministries after God sent him there by an audible voice he heard on a Sunday morning of 1995 when he was washing his clothes. The Lord spoke to him to drop washing clothes and rise up immediately on a spiritual journey, there in Mabvuku, that very day God would show him his church of destiny, promotions and calling, he was to go to be a child of that church. After a long, disappointing, fruitless day of going from church to church in Mabvuku searching for his God-given church, on his way from Old Mabvuku back to his home, he miraculously passed by a place called “The Soup Kitchen” which was where FIG Ministries was meeting and at that time it was called (CLC) Christian Life Centre. Upon hearing the preaching from afar outside through speakers and their music team and church band playing, he felt pulled to the place by an invisible force and he knew that was the Church God had spoken to him about — that it was his church. Since then he never missed a Sunday or mid-week service or conference of FIG. He highly participated in all the FIG church activities with great passion.

However, later after CLC changed to FIG Ministries, he was made the first youth leader of FIG Ministries International Mabvuku Assembly.

He also was in later years officially ordained as an FIG Pastor just a few months after his wedding in 2001 by Archbishop Gurupira, after which he was then sent to pastor and pioneer FIG in Mufakose and Budiriro. There the Lord was growing him underground and using him in the prophetic, prophesying in FIG Mufakose members and to some close pastors in FIG Ministries as well. He was an apostle covered in a prophetic garment. The Mufakose church assembly grew to 150 members in less than eight months from zero members through the evident manifestation prophetic evangelism gift many didn’t know was in him.

Dr Prophet Chiza also encountered a number of solid confirmations from the Lord about his prophetic ministry and through many different Men of God. One was a dream where he saw a deep, dark, endless pit in which he heard people crying. He covered the opening of the pit with a mattress while he told people not to go near it because they would fall into it and never return. He later understood that was Hell. He also had a vision that he was in Heaven and an angel came to him with too many crowns that were larger than his head and were put on his head so that he puts them on but since they were big for his head, one by one they all slided down his legs, until he was completely covered by a number of them. He then heard a voice which told him that he was an apostle and prophet of many nations and was to work hard and minister to many people for his many crowns were awaiting him in Heaven.

However, the transition or change of title from Pastor to Prophet was received by people with mixed feelings, while some were not affected because he was already prophesying into their lives even before he was ordained as a prophet. Others who had no knowledge of his underground prophetic gift were skeptical and criticised him.

Dr Prophet Blessing Chiza strongly believes that tribe, language or culture are not of importance in the house of God for all people are children of God. He had to fight against language barriers and differences in culture when the Lord assigned him to go to Bulawayo and start a church.

On the day that they were moving to Bulawayo his family encountered a lot of challenges which threatened to be very discouraging in their journey. At first they forgot his envelope which had all his educational certificates in a taxi and when he went back to look for the taxi using the receipt he had been given, he discovered that no such taxi existed. So up to now Dr Prophet Chiza has no single educational certificate. Also on their way to Bulawayo their property was damaged to such an extent that they were forced to start afresh.

Later, while he was praying the Lord revealed to him that the loss of his certificates was his doing because he wanted him to focus completely on his ministry. This was a struggle for him and (wife) Prophetess because they felt useless, though they are both educated. They had to start afresh and at least have to scratch barely in life to find a source of income while pioneering the church. Prophet Blessing Chiza then worked in Gwanda for a company called Zambuko Trust.

The Lord’s will however, was that they both resign and focus full time in the ministry, prophesying and preaching the word and developing the church they had moved to Bulawayo to build. The Prophetess was also working as a book keeper at Anand Brothers. They eventually resigned and started preaching to people in the streets of Bulawayo. They were staying in Nkulumane and they later moved to Cowdray Park. They had a very difficult experience as they were no longer working and had no means to buy food and pay rentals. They later moved to Old Luveve where they started FIG Luveve. After seven years, through the struggles to put food on their table, they also suffered the painful experience of not having children even though the Lord assured him that he would have children. They were then blessed with their first child who was named Joshaviah Jorai Chiza.


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