Compartmentalising works of literature in your home

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Compartmentalising works of literature in your home

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Study room

NOWADAYS few people consider building a study room being extravagant which is why in most houses you find loads of books piled in a corner, stashed under the bed or crammed onto overloaded shelves. Such scenarios create messy hotspots and people tend to turn a blind eye. Surprisingly, those books can be used in decorating your home and when properly done they can add a lived-in feel and give your visitors insights into the real you. In this week’s column I take you on a step by step journey into turning your home into a cosy study.

One way of creating space for your books is having a few bookcases behind your couch. For example if the room is big and there is a space behind your couch. You will only lose a few feet of your living room and you will get that cosy English library feel. But this means that these books are not constantly used. This can also be used as a focal point where people’s eyes will be fixed at when they walk into the room.

A dining room is another great place for creating space for your literature works. Take advantage of the length of the walls. Make the most of a wall by furnishing it with a long, wall-mounted shelving unit or with lots of storage cubbies for books, desk accessories as well as a few decorations.

And finally, what’s cozier than a bed surrounded by books? If you’re the type who loves to read in bed, this arrangement makes perfect sense — you don’t have to go far to pick out your next bit of reading material. A lamp can be mounted to the side of the bookcase or the wall for a reading light, and one shelf can do double duty as a nightstand. — Additional information from online sources.

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