Concern over fake Covid-19 vaccination cards

24 Nov, 2021 - 12:11 0 Views
Concern over fake Covid-19 vaccination cards

The Sunday News

Nohlelo Mlilo, Sunday News Reporter

UNSCRUPULOUS staff at some health facilities in Bulawayo are making a killing by selling fake Covid-19 vaccination cards for as much as US$40.

Although a number of arrests have been made by the police of people caught with fake Covid-19 certificates and cards, some individuals continue to defy the law.

Bulawayo Provincial Medical Director, Dr Maphios Siamuchembu confirmed the proliferation of fake vaccination cards, noting however, that this constituted a crime of fraud and anyone caught using a fake vaccination card will be reported to the police.

“Those using fake vaccination cards should just go get vaccinated and get genuine cards. That way they get protected from the disease. They also do away with the risk of arrest. Anyone caught using these fake vaccination cards will be reported to the police.

“What these people are not realizing is that they not only put themselves in danger but they also put others in danger because if they are not vaccinated they have a higher chance of getting and also transmitting Covid-19,” said Dr Siamuchembu.

Some employers demand vaccination cards from anyone entering premises. Universities, colleges, churches and restaurants also demand vaccination certificates as a condition for one to enter the premises.

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