Council to parcel out 6k stands

27 Aug, 2017 - 02:08 0 Views

The Sunday News

Sharon Chiware, Midlands Reporter
THE Government has approved the parcelling out of 6 000 residential, commercial and institutional stands in Gweru, as it continues to push for the growth of the Midlands capital.

In an interview last week, Gweru Mayor Councillor Charles Chikozho said the Government recently approved the selling of the stands in Mkoba Phase 21, a few kilometres west of the city centre. The stands range from 200 to 1 000 square metres.

“On June 20 last year, we made an application to the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing seeking authority to sell the stands for Mkoba 21. Now, Minister Saviour Kasukuwere has allowed us to sell the stands and we are working on the modalities,” said Clr Chikozho.

Clr Chikozho immediately distanced the city council from Just Home Properties — a private company — that has been claiming the same piece of land and trying to sell stands.

“The property developer in question has been selling stands to Gweru residents without the approval of the Gweru City Council and we are still to get information regarding how many stands they had already sold,” said Clr Chikozho.

Clr Chikozho said those who wished to buy residential stands legally, were free to visit council offices.

“All residents who want land are free to go to the council offices and pay their deposits or full amount. No one is allowed to sell council land without approval,” he said.

He said since some people had already sold some of the stands, possible measures will be put into consideration against them.

“We are planning to have a full council meeting where this issue will be discussed and these people should be accountable for their actions since they do not have the right to sell council land,” said Clr Chikozho.

Meanwhile, Clr Chikozho said the council would soon apply for more land from the Government.

“The issue of land is still work in progress because the Minister of Lands just allowed us to sell the land recently. We have very big companies where we currently made applications for the growth of the city and we are still at an infant stage. We are trying to speed up the process to attract many investors,” said Clr Chikozho.

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