Council upgrades parking system

24 Jul, 2022 - 00:07 0 Views
Council upgrades  parking  system Mrs Nesisa Mpofu

The Sunday News

Vusumuzi Dube, Online News Editor
TENDY Three Investments (TTI) is in the process of upgrading its parking system in Bulawayo which will see motorists being able to park anywhere in the city within the one hour they would have paid for.

TENDY Three Investments (TTI)

In the current scenario, if one pays the mandatory one hour coupon it expires immediately when they leave the parking bay and would be required to pay in the next bay.

The local authority, in partnership with TTI, in February launched the parking system  which was met with rage from motorists and residents who argued that the charges were exorbitant.

When TTI initially set up the system, motorists were paying US$1 for 30 minutes in the prime parking zone and US$1 for one hour in the ordinary parking zone but it was adjusted to US$1 for one hour in every parking bay without the distinguishing of prime or ordinary parking. Motorists have the option to pay in local currency at the prevailing official exchange rate.

Responding to written questions from Sunday News, Bulawayo City Council corporate communications manager, Mrs Nesisa Mpofu confirmed they were working on further improving their system.

Bulawayo City Council

“We are upgrading our system to allow motorists to be able to park anywhere within the one hour they would have paid for.

“The public will be notified in the future when we roll out the system upgrade,” said Mrs Mpofu.

Meanwhile, Mrs Mpofu revealed that according to the city’s by-laws there were no reserved parking bays in the city, hence companies and organisations that have been putting up reserved parking signs at some bays in the city have been doing so illegally.

“The by-law does not allow for reserved parking hence there is no discount for such.

The public is however, free to approach Tendy Three Investments for prepaying for parking which will allow the amounts to be deducted from your account as you park within the city.

“The parking system is now being rolled out along Fifth Avenue and along Fife Street.

The parking management project area is from Samuel Parirenyatwa to Lobengula Streets and from Third Avenue to 15th Avenue. The City of Bulawayo is continuously rolling out the project to cover all the areas,” she said.

In May, the company managed to raise US$8 000 and $5,5 million in parking fees as revenue from the parking management system continues to improve.

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