Cousins fight over US$37

14 Jan, 2022 - 15:01 0 Views
Cousins fight over US$37

The Sunday News

Angel Nkomo, Sunday News Reporter

TWO cousins from Njube suburb in Bulawayo have reportedly clashed over a missing US$37 after the two went out on a drinking night together.

This came out when Mitchell Dube appeared before Western Commonage Magistrates Court, Magistrate Jeconiah Prince Ncube charged with a case of theft after she was alleged to have been caught with her hand inside her cousin, Faith Maphosa’s handbag after a night of partying.

According to the state case, presented by Patience Mudzire, who was prosecuting, Maphosa on 28 December requested Dube to accompany her into the Central Business District to collect some money after which they went on a drinking spree at a number of night spots in the city.

It is alleged when they left one of the night spots, Maphosa discovered they had forgot her handbag at the bar, upon which they returned to collect it, with the complainant claiming that her money was still in the bag when they checked.

“They arrived home at 945pm, where the two ladies decided to relax in the car, and later the complainant realised there was movement in her bag, which she first ignored then later checked and found Dube’s hand inside. When asked what she was doing the accused is said to have said she had no idea,” said the Prosecutor.

Maphosa is said to have later discovered that her money was missing leading to Dube’s arrest.

In the court the accused denied stealing the money and said she would never steal anything from the complainant as she was like a mother figure to her.

She also questioned why the complainant did not confront her about the missing money soon after she found her hand inside the bag.

Dube was remanded out of custody to 17 January 2022 for continuation of trial.







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