Cry our beloved Sizinda!…GD6 alcohol takes suburb by storm

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Cry our beloved Sizinda!…GD6 alcohol takes suburb by storm

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“But that it doth presage some evil event. ‘Tis much when scepters are in children’s hands, but more when envy breeds unkind division: there comes the ruin, there begins confusion.”

This line by The Duke of Exeter in William Shakespeare’s King Henry VI, Part One, could not be further from the truth and is indeed reminiscent of the wayward, awkward and wild behaviours of today’s youth. The youths have become so untouchable and uncontrollable, such that they will not take any advice from their parents or their elders.

One of the main problems affecting most societies today is that of drug and alcohol abuse by the youths and some elderly people are not an exception in certain instances. Drug abuse is a psycho-social evil that spawns anti-social behaviour such as stealing, crime and violence besides social stigma, thus destroying the vitals of the society and leading to its overall downfall.

Whilst the abuse of drugs and alcohol is spread countrywide, I have chosen to confine my article to my Bulawayo home area, Ekasi, Sizinda Township, because this is where I am able to mix, meet and discuss with most of these youngsters who partake in drug and alcohol abuse. By mixing and mingling with these youngsters on the ground, I am to glean first-hand untainted information straight from the horse’s mouth, as it were.

Sizinda youths have taken to the bottle at a very tender age. They also are now addicted not only to strong alcohol, “hot stuff”, popularly known as injengu, but also to drugs, the likes of marijuana, or imbanje, crystal-meth also known as mutoriro. As if this was not enough many youths are also taking a cough mixture popularly known as ingoma. This is quite a shocking and unwholesome trend being undertaken by both boys and girls.

There is this strong alcohol known as GD6, which has taken Sizinda by storm. Many residents, both the young and the elderly have become addicted to this infamous GD6. After taking the GD6, the drinkers fall into a trance or zombie-like stupor, which has been named as “uku-sticker”. The GD6 numbs the brain as evidenced by the zombie like actions displayed by the drinkers, coupled with slow, slurred and incoherent talking.

Some drinkers of GD6 have been known to go for days without eating anything or drinking any water. It would seem that this GD6 destroys one’s appetite completely. It also kills one’s palates or taste buds, to such an extent that some GD6 drinkers prefer to sprinkle sugar on roasted meat instead of salt and chillies! At times you find the GD6 drinkers lying hopelessly in the beer garden or around the shops due to excessive drinking. Just this past week, one elderly gentleman in Sizinda, had probably taken GD6 in excess and on an empty tummy. He was lying prostrate just outside a bottle store, and to the amazement of many, flies were buzzing around the gentleman, who had wet himself, and a foul smell was emanating from somewhere on his body. It seems, the old madala’s sphincter had loosened and the poor old man had defecated on himself! A Good Samaritan had quickly rushed to inform the gentleman’s wife. The poor wife was seen struggling to lift his husband so as to take him home. So much for GD6!

I had the occasion to discuss this alcohol and drug abuse with some Sizinda Township residents. One senior resident, Modwell Mathe, popularly known as Elder Mabhena, lamented the rampant abuse of alcohol and drugs by the Sizinda youths. The visibly irate Elder Mabhena lashed out strongly at the youths. “Drug and alcohol abuse have no place in our lovely Sizinda Township. Can you please stop all that nonsense”, said Elder Mabhena. He appealed to other residents to find solutions to bring this scourge to an end.

Local DJ Carlos Ngozo, popularly known as Big C, also had no kind words for the drug addicts. “You are tarnishing Sizinda Township; you are a disgrace to our society. Instead of spending hours drinking dangerous and illicit brews and smoking weed, you should be engaged in productive projects.”

The writer, being also a senior resident of Sizinda Township, is appealing to the youths to stop drinking excessively and to desist from drinking illicit brews and smoking of imbanje. Prolonged intake of such substances is detrimental to health, and it leads to mental confusion, memory challenges,  diminished sense of responsibility, hallucinations and personality disorder.

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