Curtains, blinds can make or break a room

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Curtains, blinds can make or break a room

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Amanda Ncube

Whether you have a straight window or a bay, there are various ways to dress it up to make your home look beautiful.

Here are some tips and ideas to dress up your windows. Curtains come in variety of colours, fabrics and sizes. It makes it easy for homeowners to find a style and colour that can suit the décor of any room.

Sheer white curtains can give a living room a minimalist and beautifully airy feel. They also light in during the day while maintaining your privacy.

If you like sleeping late get black-out curtains for your bedroom. They keep the room dark and cool.

Slatted blinds let you choose the amount of light coming into your room (how much and how little light enters your room).

However, if you live in a windy area and you like to leave your windows open, roll-up blinds are a better option as they won’t be damaged easily.

Blinds make good use of space so they are perfect for smaller windows in kitchens and bathrooms. Water proof materials work well in bathrooms as they are resistant to mould.

When it comes to bedrooms, black-out curtains are a perfect option as they are made to prevent extra light pouring into the room and spoiling your sleep. Similarly roller blinds with black-out lining are another great choice for bedroom windows.

Venetian blinds are a smart idea for kitchens and bathrooms. Depending on your style, you can select from various materials such as metal, plastic and wood. These can be tilted to let more or less light in and for extra privacy . . . they are easy to maintain. For conservatories, vertical blinds are a practical solution, but can look a little dated and roller blinds are often selected in favour for contemporary look.

For French doors or patio doors, thermal curtains are a good idea to keep your room cosy and warm. A firmer curtain fabric will create an elegant drape; however, lighter voile curtains are ideal for teaming with blinds at windows that require a little extra privacy.

Alternatively, shutter blinds are a stylish selection with an interior feel. They are available in contemporary shades and materials suit your scheme and similarly to blinds and curtains can be made to measure to fit your windows.

Select curtains and blinds that complement the décor of your space.

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