Defying all odds…meet the digital art wizard with cerebral palsy

12 May, 2024 - 00:05 0 Views
Defying all odds…meet the digital art wizard with cerebral palsy Patrick Runhuma

The Sunday News

Uzile Mkwananzi, Sunday Life Reporter

FOR Patrick Runhuma, a 28-year-old digital artist, cerebral palsy has proven to be an immovable object standing in the way of his dreams, but with vision, dedication and commitment, he has had to skip over it as he seeks to attain his ambitions. 

A digital artist and IT diploma holder, Runhuma’s life has been a quest to prove that disability is indeed not inability, as instead of idling around and waiting for handouts, he uses his skills and education to craft impressive works of digital art and master his talent.

Speaking to Sunday Life, Runhuma said in as much as he has a disability, his art is not entirely based on that, but it is also to inspire people to be themselves 

“It is not my disability that entirely influences my art, I focus mainly on people’s true feelings and I aim to inspire people to be proud of who they are and not be confined by circumstances. I also want to show other young people with disabilities that you can still be who you are and be able to achieve whatever you set your heart and mind on as long as you show dedication and commitment,” said Mr Runhuma.

Runhuma uses Sketchbook 3 and Photoshop to come up with his art, while he also works using his left leg to find his way through his gadgets and be able to draw impressive pictures. Though it takes him quite a while to complete his work, his dedication and commitment keep him motivated and fuelled up to get his work done. 

Runhuma said he aims to make a living from the artwork that he produces but faces challenges from people who want to buy his artwork at compromised prices. 

National Art Gallery

It is for this reason that he started advertising his work on Instagram and Tiktok digital platforms, with hopes of gaining more traction and attention to his work.

“I don’t want to be confined to just inspiring people with cerebral palsy but to go beyond that. I would advise someone with similar challenges to not give up and keep trying over and over again, you can do anything that you want. People with disabilities still can make a living from other things and refrain from begging in the streets. They can also take part in mainstream activities like any other normal human being,” he said.

“Last year December, I was chosen to participate in an exhibition at the National Art Gallery and was quite happy to be considered, this is just to show someone out there that they can still see their dreams coming true no matter who and what they are.” 

His mother, Mrs Runhuma said parents of children with disabilities should allow them the opportunity to be themselves.

“As a parent who has walked this journey, I’d like to encourage other parents to value their children. There is so much that is in a child. When I see my son, I see the worth that he has brought into our lives, not only the talent that he has but also as a living being who brings love into our family. It’s not about what a person can achieve, but being their true self. I grieve for those parents who hide their children because they are depriving themselves of an opportunity to be loved and to love,” she said. 



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