Delightful Decor: Adding flair to your room

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Delightful Decor: Adding flair to your room

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Accent wall

Amanda Ncube

ACCENTS are some of the most effective ways of adding flair to your space. They add colour, definition and drama to an interior space. Accents stand out regardless of how small or big they are and they complement the whole loo of a room.

You can spruce up the look of your bedroom through an accent wall. This involves painting or wallpapering one wall in your room with a different colour, design or pattern. To achieve your intended goal, paint the wall of the head of your bed. It can work great as your focal point as it will grab people’s attention the moment they enter into the room. When correctly done, your room will be elegant and dramatic at the same time making a small space look huge. Instead of painting, you can use wallpaper, wall stickers or wall murals.

Trim is another way of using accents, these are wooden strips found along walls at the floor (baseboard) and sometimes at the ceiling. It can also look great when it is placed around windows and a headboard can work as one. Avoid painting your trim using the same colour as that of your wall, try adding another colour in order to achieve a dazzling and sophisticated look. For example if your wall is white, your trim can have another colour different from your wall.

Small items such as headboard, small chair or table besides your bed or rugs qualify as accents. These can enhance the look of your room. Make sure whatever you select for your room complements the room as well as other items, it should follow the theme of your bedroom. Avoid overloading your deco.

Artworks or paintings hanging on your walls are accents.  Every room in your home needs at least one large or small painting on your wall. It can be used as a focal point at the same time adding colour. The right artwork or painting for your room is the piece that you love and that complements your furniture and other accessories, they reflect your personality.

An area rug or carpet is not only used to add protection and warmth in a bedroom with hard floor surfaces, it also add accents colour, pattern, and texture. There are many different styles of area rugs, so no matter what your decorating theme is you will a matching rug. Pillows and cushions are meant to add colour, patterns and textures. They work perfectly as accents. –Additional information from Online sources.

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