Devolution Funds bring relief to Cowdray Park: Hlalani kuhle road, bridge constructed

18 Oct, 2020 - 00:10 0 Views
Devolution Funds bring relief to Cowdray Park: Hlalani kuhle road, bridge constructed A bus from Garikai\Hlalani kuhle suburb near Cowdray Park drives over a nearly complete bridge along a newly constructed road that links the two suburbs on Thursday (Picture by Dennis Mudzamiri)

The Sunday News

Nkosilathi Sibanda, Sunday News Correspondent
RESIDENTS of Cowdray Park’s Hlalani Kuhle area in Bulawayo can now heave a sigh of relief as the Devolution Funds have bankrolled the construction of a road project and bridge.

Cowdray Park councillor Kidwell Mujuru said the completion of the road came at the right time as they were having problems during the wet season.

“The construction of the road is commendable. It was timely and comes as a blessing to the people of Cowdray Park and Bulawayo in general,” said Mujuru.

Residents who spoke to Sunday News on Thursday last week said they anticipated development to thrive.

“Putting tarmac on this road is remarkable. We as residents are thankful. We are hoping businesses will start to set up here,” said Mr Wilson Tsapo, a small trader at an informal trading area popularly known as “Caravan Park”.

Residents added that the construction of the bridge on the new road was going to alleviate problems faced by school going children.

“At least our children will now walk to school freely, without thinking how they will cross the bridge,” said Mr Emmanuel Ncube who has stayed in the area for 20 years.

The Hlalani kuhle road was part of the city council plans, where the local authority had placed a budget $20, 7 million for resurfacing some of the city’s dilapidated roads. Government put a $310 million facility for all provinces to use under the Devolution Fund.

For two decades, motorists in Cowdray Park had faced a challenge, with public transporters reaching a point where they had abandoned the road, much to the detriment of commuters. Often, small streams that cut across the greater part of the area made it hard for the road to be used during the rainfall season.

The newly revamped road stretch, which is about 1,6 Kilometres, was surfaced with tarmac. A brigde and drainage troughs that were also built, courtesy of the Bulawayo Home Seekers Consortium (BHSCT) through the Devolution Fund provided by central government.

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