Devolution is for everyone: Churches

09 Jun, 2019 - 00:06 0 Views
Devolution is for  everyone: Churches

The Sunday News

Walter Mswazie in Masvingo

OPPOSITION political parties have been urged to take an active role in devolution programmes led by Government as the concept is meant to help everyone as enshrined in the country’s constitution.

Speaking during a Zimbabwe Christian Alliance (ZCA) advocacy meeting at a local church in Masvingo on Thursday, participants raised concern over non-participation of opposition political parties in initiatives meant to promote the concept

They said devolution was not a partisan programme where one political party should be active while other parties are only complaining. ZCA provincial co-ordinator Reverend Sonykiss Chimbuya said devolution was one of the brilliant ideas that the country had ever come up with and if implemented it would take development to high levels.

“What we expect to see is the involvement of all political parties pushing for devolution. If others choose to stay away from such important issues yet they were part and parcel of the constitution making process which came up with devolution, we will not be making justice to the whole process. We should see our MP for Masvingo Urban (Mr Jacob Nyokanhete) contributing at devolution meetings,” said Rev Chimbuya.

Masvingo Deputy Provincial Administrator Ms Netsai Mushauri said devolution was a Government programme that called for everyone’s input despite political affiliation.

“Devolution is real and Government is serious about the whole process. That is the reason why Government has allocated money towards its implementation. It is a non-partisan programme that all political parties, churches, youths and women should take part in. Everyone is invited to participate,” said Ms Mushauri.

“Devolution is supported by the constitution and as such everyone should be part of it. Besides, it is meant to bring the economy closer home to the people as there will be equitable distribution of resources.”

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