Documentary to clear dethroned Miss Zim

26 Jul, 2015 - 00:07 0 Views

The Sunday News

Nothando Ndhlovu Sunday Leisure Reporter
LOCAL media production company AXIS4 is working on a documentary that seeks to clear dethroned Miss Zimbabwe Emily Kachote of any wrongdoing in the controversial nude pictures scandal that ultimately led to her deposition as the country’s beauty queen.

The documentary, which was Emily’s idea, focuses on the rebranding of the model after her name was dragged through the mud after allegations that the model had posed nude surfaced soon after she was crowned Miss Zimbabwe.

It is against the pageant’s laid down rules for representatives to have posed nude on any platform.

Emily was therefore accused of having lied to the organisers and the nation at large when she stated that she had never posed nude before when she was crowned. She, however, said the documentary’s sole purpose was to redefine her.

“This documentary aims to reveal who I really am and what I represent. I wish to accomplish a positive image and let people know who I am apart from the negativity attached to my name and my person,” she said.

“It will also put rumours to rest and offer candid detail about myself. To cease the speculations and answer a lot of unanswered questions,” she added.

The model’s ouster stirred wide debate over how the matter was handled, with some people saying that she did not receive the treatment she deserved adding that her unseating was marred in controversy.

However, in spite of the bad publicity and backlash she has received over the past few months, Kachote has remained positive and has been keeping herself busy. She has in fact turned her bad fortune into an opportunity with one of her projects being a programme where the model talks to young girls and arms them with advice and knowledge on how to overcome and avoid what she went through.

“Lately I have been engaged in a lot of youth activities at my church. I am conducting image seminars and I have also done the same with a group of female students from Goromonzi High School,” she explained.

“I am mostly targeting the girl child and informing them about cyber bullying as I am a victim. I help them by telling them how to carry themselves with an etiquette stride and unshakable confidence,” she added.

She also explained that she was targeting girls as they were more prone to cyber bullying and criticism.

“As a girl you are vulnerable to a lot of criticism especially when you step into the limelight. Thus you have to possess a thick skin and an elastic heart. Don’t let the negativity bring you down and never be defined by your past work on making a better future for yourself.

“Above all surround yourself with people who share the same goal with you and help elevate you. Never settle for anything less,” said the dethroned Miss Zimbabwe.

Kachote said life after dethronement had not been easy for her as she had been treated harshly by both strangers and people close to her.

“I have faced a lot of backlash and there are people who think they know me and make their own stories about me. I have been cyber bullied by people who hide behind social media to say very nasty things to me. I’ve been judged harshly so much that I wonder what has this world come to where people are carrying so much hatred, anger and bitterness in them such that the lash out at the next person.

“There are people whom I thought were my friends but they leaked false information to the press for money. However there are people who have showed unwavering support to me and have stood by me despite all the scandals,” she added.

Although the road has not been rosy for Kachote the moment the Miss Zimbabwe crown landed on her head, she has a great support system which helps her get through day by day.

“I have surrounded myself with people who are moulding me and giving me spiritual advice and how to stay close to God. I am also grateful to all my fans out there who have not for once judged me,” she said.

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