Dressing like money

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Dressing like money

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Eye on Fashion by Rutendo Chidawanyika

NO matter how much money you have or don’t have, you can still learn to class up your look a little. Learn how to dress like you’ve got more money than you know what to do with, it could land you that job, make people take you seriously and make you feel good. Being well-groomed and selecting clothes that help you appear classy and sophisticated is important, for your career and social life.

Wear simple pointed toe pumps/heels
Pointed toe heels are the epitome of classic fashion, you simply must have pairs in different colours. Not only do they match with practically everything but they bring a touch of class to even the most casual of outfits, from a plain tee and jeans combo to joggers on your lazy days.

Avoid platform heels (wedges) at all costs. Although the comfort they provide might be tempting, wedges can easily cheapen or tarnish the look of any outfit if not styled wisely. Save those wedges for the club when you really need the comfort.

Get a knock-off designer bag
Now there is a reference between knock-offs and straight fake. Yes, they are both fake, but one is obvious to the naked eye like ‘‘GUCCI’’ spelt ‘‘GUCCY’’ or ‘‘GUCI’’. Then with knock-offs its very close to the original, it could be a reject with a hanging thread or wrong colour zip. When styled appropriately, designer knock-offs can become the luxury touch to any outfit.

Choose simple colour palettes
Although there’s nothing wrong with bold colours, simple colours like black, white, grey and nudes work best in creating simple and minimalistic outfits. Focusing less on colours and more on shapes and details are often the best way to give a subtle hint of luxury. You can start with all black in winter then top it off with a cream/coffee/caramel coat, or try all white outfit for the warmer days. You can keep it simple and stick to black and white.

Integrate designer logos
If you can’t afford designer clothes, shoes or handbags, you can always start your designer collection with accessories or affordable items.

Items with designer logos can easily be integrated into casual or athlesuire outfits to play up the use of labels. Go for items such as tees, belts, scarves and watches. It’s a great start.

Add a blazer
Not sure what your outfit is lacking? Add a blazer. I guarantee you, you will look much classier. Don’t want to look too business like? Make it oversized, roll up the sleeves or even drape it over your shoulders for even a more casual look.

Go for good denim washes and ripped jeans

It’s so interesting how a good wash or ripping can instantly amp up a pair of jeans. And isn’t it crazy how designer jeans are so expensive. If you have the time, you can make them yourself with DIY tutorials to bring back some life to your old boring jeans.

Add layered jewellery
Simple or casual outfits can be played up with fine jewellery, add a necklace, stack on Bohemian style rings or mix and match bracelets to add some feminine flair to even the most casual outfits. Gold and silver jewellery and perfect colours that are universal across all seasons.
Be careful not to over-accessorise, it’s much easier to focus on one type or two types of jewellery at most.

Iron/ press your clothes
If you are wearing fabrics that wrinkle easily do yourself a favour and iron them before wearing them. Pieces such as button down collared shirts, plain cotton tees, flowy chiffon skirts can easily make you look as if you were in a rush and ran out the front door when creased. If you are pressed for time, iron the night before and hang them before you go to bed.

Simple hairstyles
Hairstyles can definitely make or break a look. If you are wearing a wig, weave or braids; make sure they are neat and well-kempt. If you are going to go for colour, go for something subtle and that complements your skin tone. Avoid crazy hairstyles at all costs.

Remove tags from clothes
Expensive designer clothes don’t feature brands prominently. If you want to look like you’ve got a serious bank account, don’t make yourself a billboard for brand names. Go for a clean, sophisticated look. Adidas tee would be great paired with no name joggers. Avoid rocking a label from head to toe, such as Adidas cap, tracksuit and shoes.

Smell like money
Both men and women should wear a small amount of subtle and sophisticated scent. Woodsy, floral scented are classy. While sugary scents tend to scream ‘‘cheap’’. You don’t have to break your bank, buy reasonable perfume that smell expensive, yes, high end perfumes are pricey.

You can wait for a sale or save up till you can afford it.

Take care of your nails. Manicures don’t cost a lot of money but make a big difference in your appearance. Go for short or medium size nails, French tips are classic and perfect.

Brush your teeth, if you can do invest in whitening toothpaste. Dental care is expensive but worth it, get mouthwash as well. White teeth aren’t necessarily a sign of healthy teeth but sure look better than stained yellow teeth. Make your smile look like a couple million bucks.

If you are just playing at looking wealthy, you want to look like you’ve got somewhere to be. Dress up every day, avoid sweat pants or that just out of bed look. Do learn about different expensive brands. Get informed, read frequently and brush up your general knowledge. If you like get some upper class hobbies such as golf, yoga, horse riding etc.

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