EDITORIAL COMMENT: ED continues to charm the world

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EDITORIAL COMMENT: ED continues to charm the world President Mnangagwa

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President Mnangagwa

President Mnangagwa

THE international community has welcomed the inauguration of Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa as President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, which is a clear testimony that his election victory has been widely endorsed.

Angolan Vice-President Bornito De Sousa carried the congratulatory message from his country and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) President Joseph Kabila also paid a courtesy call on the President, among other leaders from in and outside Africa who attended the inauguration.

Six Heads of State and Government, including African Union chairperson President Paul Kagame of Rwanda, Vice -Presidents, former Presidents and special envoys from across the globe came to witness the inauguration. In addition, former President Robert Mugabe sent a congratulatory message to President Mnangagwa and sent his daughter, Bona, to represent him at the inauguration.

And last Wednesday, the President said on social media; “It was a real pleasure to meet Germany’s Economic Co-operation and Development Minister Dr Müller to discuss co-operation in a host of areas, including vocational training centres, partnerships in mining and technology, broadening business ties and the protection of wildlife in our national parks.”

A day earlier, British Prime Minister Theresa May had hailed President Mnangagwa for his clear vision for Zimbabwe and commended him for pledging to set up a commission of inquiry into the violence that rocked Harare on August 1.

The violence was instigated by MDC Alliance supporters who damaged and torched property in the capital.

“Well, I was pleased to hear that President Mnangagwa had said he was setting up a commission to look into the violence that we have seen taking place recently. I think that is an important step for Zimbabwe . . . I know that President Ramaphosa was out on inauguration in Zimbabwe only earlier this week, I think it is really an opportunity for Zimbabwe now. Now I look forward to Zimbabwe being able to grasp this opportunity for the future.”

Asked if that translated to endorsing President Mnangagwa, PM May responded: “The President is an elected President, and he is making an important step in saying he is setting up a commission of inquiry into what has happened in relation to the violence . . . I think that is a very important signal from him about the Zimbabwe he wants to see for the future, and the Zimbabwe that is taking opportunities for the future of its people.”

The President has already named a seven-member commission led by former South African President Kgalema Motlanthe.

Political analysts said the remarks by PM May were encouraging and were a further confirmation of the legitimacy and credibility of the July 30 election won by President Mnangagwa and Zanu-PF.

“Our elections were free, fair and credible, which no one in his or her rightful mind can critic and the legitimacy of the election of President Mnangagwa can, therefore, not be questioned,” said political analyst Mr Gabriel Chaibva to our sister paper, The Herald.

“The sentiments by the British Premier are a positive indication of the acceptance of Zimbabwe into the community of nations where we rightfully belong. We wronged nobody. We may have offended a few, but all are now realising that Zimbabwe was right in its land reform programme, particularly with recent developments in South Africa where PM May is currently visiting.”

The events in just one week after the inauguration serve to show that the country is on a positive trajectory as pronounced by President Mnangagwa, who has put economic recovery and international re-engagement and engagement top of his priority list.

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