EDITORIAL COMMENT: Just ignore opposition pontification

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EDITORIAL COMMENT: Just ignore opposition pontification Mr Chamisa

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Mr Chamisa

Mr Chamisa

THE events of the past week have been dramatic and revealing in many ways.

It was the week when efforts by the desperate MDC Alliance leadership to pin the unfortunate 1 August post-election violence on the army fell flat before the  Commission of Inquiry set up by President Mnangagwa.

The Commission chaired by respected former South African President, Kgalema Montlante concluded its public hearings on Tuesday last week.

On Thursday the heavily divided MDC Alliance suffered another setback when Zimbabweans largely ignored its demonstration, which was touted as an event meant to shut down Harare.

The poor showing by the opposition elements was despite the fact that the demonstration had received publicity on different media platforms, but the residents of the capital as well as the business community chose to continue with their business as usual.

Amid this cacophony, political pontification and grandstanding by the MDC Alliance, which seems to derive satisfaction from keeping the country in an eternal election mode, the Zimbabwean Government led by President Mnangagwa went by its business on the ground, moving with its promises made during the campaign period that it would work on addressing the economy by luring investors, creating jobs and pushing politics to the backstage while accelerating the country’s economic recovery at the centre stage.

President Mnangagwa, ever since he came into power, has been walking his talk, that it is now time politics gave way to economics. Just on Thursday President Mnangagwa officiated at the ground breaking ceremony of the Arcadia Lithium Mine in Goromonzi, Mashonaland East Province that will see an initial investment of $165 million being put into the project.

The project, which the President said was in line with Government’s policy to industrialise the country is also expected to create more than 700 jobs. The Goromonzi project is not the only one, but among many in an impressive line-up that the country has witnessed since the dawn of the new dispensation.

The ones that quickly come to mind are the US$4,2 billion Karo Resources Consolidated Platinum Project in Mhondoro officially launched in July this year and set to create thousands of jobs, the US$1,4 billion Kamative Lithium Project currently underway, construction of the Gwayi-Shangani Dam as well the  commissioning of a Pepsi Plant in Harare to just name a few.

All these economic projects are coming in the midst of an opposition shenanigans whose aim is to sabotage the economy.

We therefore urge the Government not to take its eyes off the ball and continue working on reviving the economy as that is what a majority of Zimbabweans yearn for.

The Government should just ignore the hollow sounds of the opposition elements as they have nothing to offer. We believe it is time that if the opposition were mature and worth their salt, they would appreciate what the Government is doing in addressing the economy as exhibited by the number of projects that are taking shape around the country.

The MDC Alliance should also appreciate the fact that at any point a car has one driver, in this case the driver who is driving this car called Zimbabwe is non-other than ED Mnangagwa.

They should also appreciate that a party that is not in Government also has a role to play in all sectors of the country such as offering alternative economic policies but due to the fact that they seemingly do not have any, they embark on unsubstantiated or uncalled for demonstrations that do not resonate with the aspirations of many.

We also call upon peace loving Zimbabweans to be patient and give the Government time in its quest to fix the economy.

There is a lot that needs to be done in reviving the economy. The public should not be swayed by the prophets of doom who derive satisfaction in seeing a majority of Zimbabweans suffering as part of their nefarious beliefs that it would win them votes.

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