Empower marginalised groups: Dr Bimha

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Empower marginalised groups: Dr Bimha Dr Mike Bimha

The Sunday News

Chrispen Gumunyu, Business Reporter

ZANU PF’s Secretary for Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Dr Mike Bimha said empowerment of marginalised groups is the cornerstone to the growth of the country’s economy.

Speaking at a Zanu-PF indigenisation and economic empowerment meeting held in Bulawayo on Friday, Dr Bimha said there was a need for the Government to empower marginalised groups to enable them to effectively participate in reviving the country’s economy. He further said the indigenisation policy failed to achieve its goal owing to poor implementation.

“In some cases, indigenisation was not genuinely implemented as local people were used as fronts. It was only realised when the rules were relaxed and the local people were left with nothing. We should focus on economic empowerment because indigenisation has so many varied connotations but economic empowerment is a universal intervention. Many countries have various ways of empowering their people because it’s only people in a community that can develop their own area with outsiders coming to assist but the locals would have taken the lead and actively involved in re-developing our economy,” Dr Bimha said.

The party’s national political commissar Cde Victor Matemadanda said people in Matabeleland region should play an active role in the revival of Bulawayo’s industries.

“People from this (Matabeleland) region must not have the attitude of being second performers. They must make sure that they take the lead in reviving Bulawayo. Bulawayo is an industrial hub, so it is up to the people from Matabeleland to lead and people from other regions to follow in reviving and resuscitating its industries. People from Matabeleland should feel that they have equal footing as far as policy and law formulation is concerned because of the diversity in industry in this region, which also includes tourism,” he said.

Speaking at the same occasion, Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce Matabeleland chapter chairperson Mr Golden Muoni said there was a need to create an enabling environment for tertiary institutions to participate in re-industrialisation process.

“After independence we inherited industries with aging machinery so what should be done now is to make sure that our universities should be involved in the dynamics of the economic turnaround of the country’s re-industrialisation by fostering more of research and development by locally manufacturing most of the machines which is indigenisation. Our universities should not only be producing graduates with graduation certificates but graduates that will answer the problems of the industry,” he said.



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