Esigodini teen breaks O’level record, gets stuck going foward

27 Feb, 2024 - 11:02 0 Views
Esigodini teen breaks O’level record, gets stuck going foward THEMBINKOSI Ndlovu and his O'level results

The Sunday News

Rutendo Nyeve, Sunday News Reporter

THEMBINKOSI Ndlovu (18), a former pupil at Esikhoveni Secondary School in Umzingwane District, Matabeleland South Province has proved that it only requires dedication and a clear vision to make the best of what one has.

Coming from a disadvantaged background did not affect his resolve to pass his O’Level examinations. In fact, he shattered the school records, attaining six As and four Bs to tally his ordinary levels to 10, breaking a 19-year record which was set in 2005 at the rural school. The record holder back in 2005 attained four As, three Bs and a C. His background will, however, not let him fly high as he so wishes. He has seen his joy and celebration cut short as he is now stranded without money to continue with his studies or at least pursue a career in teaching.

“I am a boy aged 18, I come from a poor background. I have a single parent –  my father passed on when I was two months old. So I actually do not know him. At primary level I managed to get nine units where a donor helped me to reach my Grade Seven because my mother could not manage to pay my fees. I have a dream to become a pilot but now the situation is not rosy. I am now opting for teaching as the best dream for me,” he said.

Thembinkosi said to break a 19-year record was an exciting experience and makes him feel like a man among others.

“I have been reading my books so hard to attain these results. It’s most unfortunate that I am stuck and do not know what to do next. My mother does not have money for me to continue with my studies. I am also looking for work so that I pay for my fees, as I said I want to be a teacher, that is probably the fastest I can get to get money and do other things,” he said.

Thembinkosi who is the former junior councillor under Umzingwane Constituency took centre stage during celebrations held at his former school last week. The school witnessed an improved pass rate from 15 percent in 2020 to 42 percent in 2023, a development that has been attributed to Government efforts in partnership with Non-Governmental Organisations that provided pupils with food. Thembinkosi appealed to well-wishers who may want to assist him with scholarships, a job or school fees to contact him on 0780618812 or 0782819599. @nyeve14

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