EU avails $14m to conservancy

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EU avails $14m to conservancy A pack of spotted wild dogs at Save Valley Conservancy in Chiredzi

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A pack of spotted wild dogs at Save Valley Conservancy in Chiredzi

A pack of spotted wild dogs at Save Valley Conservancy in Chiredzi

Walter Mswazie in Masvingo
THE European Union has availed $14 million for the erection of a perimeter fence at Save Valley Conservancy in Chiredzi, to avoid human/animal conflict.

There have been numerous reports of wild animals straying into nearby villages destroying livestock and even killing human beings.

Speaking during a stakeholder meeting in Chiredzi last week, EU Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Philipe Van Damme said the block was considering increasing the support to Zimbabwe on wildlife management.

He said the long vision was to see the development of the conservancy’s infrastructure and long term benefits to the surrounding communities through drilling of boreholes and construction of schools.

“We are giving the Government of Zimbabwe US$14 million towards fencing of Save Valley and development of its infrastructure. Once we have realised the seriousness on such projects, we will avail more funding towards infrastructural development,” said Mr Van Damme.

Speaking at the same occasion, Minister of State for Masvingo Provincial Affairs Senator Josaya Hungwe praised the EU and assured the block that the Government would use the money for its intended purpose.

“We are happy as Masvingo and Government for such a gesture from EU. EU are our all weather friends, as we have been getting support since time immemorial. We assure you that we would make sure the funds will be used for their intended purpose as we want our people to benefit from the wildlife,” said Sen Hungwe.

Save Valley Conservancy is home to 27 properties that include Masapasi, Hammond, Matendere, Chanurwe, Sabi, Chapungu, Muswezi, Chishakwe, Gunundwe and Makore.

Some of those properties are under Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (BIPPA) with Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, China, South Africa and Mauritius. [email protected]

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