Exorcising Rhodes’ ghost Part 3

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Exorcising Rhodes’ ghost Part 3 Cecil John Rhodes

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Cecil John Rhodes

Cecil John Rhodes

Micheal Mhlanga

What did they want in Africa?
In Genesis 2 God speaks about Africa, the land of Havilah “where there is gold. And the gold of the land is good; the bdellium and the onyx stones are there”. Throughout the Word there is a reference to Africa by using the territorial names of Ethiopia, Egypt, Cush and Mizraim. It has been created by God as a place of refuge and resources. Whenever there was danger lurking, like with the birth of the baby Jesus, God used Africa as the refuge. When famine was extreme in the world, like in the times of the reign of Joseph, God used Africa as the storehouse.

This prompts me to ask why Africa is regarded as the most dangerous, unsafe continent, and the most impoverished. A continent that possesses some 99 percent of the world’s chrome reserves, 85 percent platinum, 70 percent tantalite and at least 54 percent of the world’s gold reserves and other minerals. I won’t even speak about diamonds in Bocha, KwaMarange. Why do we not fulfil the destiny God has for Africa? Why can’t we fulfil the redemptive purpose of our continent? To do so, we will have to, as Isaiah 28:14-15 says, break the “refuge of lies” that has sustained an entire continent’s “covenant with death”.

Who was the real Rhodes?
Cecil John Rhodes was a man that was extensively used by the powers of darkness to oppose the plan of God for Africa. Rhodes, a 33rd degree Mason, took cues from his mentor, John Ruskin, a homosexual professor at Oxford University. Ruskin was an avid disciple of Plato. He believed that Plato propagated an “ideal society”, in which he envisioned a society built of three classes: the ruling class, the military class and the worker class. He said, private property would be eliminated and the ruling class would devote their intellectual energy to control the other classes. The predominant thought of creating an ideal state under authoritarian rule was perpetuated and presented throughout the ages. Today we have a middle class, a workers class that is exploited by a system of perpetual debt on the basis of loans and interest rates to individuals and nations.

The poor carry the rich on their backs. Because they are deceived, they do it without complaining.

The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank now control the economies of more than 30 sub-Saharan countries by falsehood, deceit and witchcraft. Ruskin’s idea of a “perfect state” was developed from Plato’s ideas. In one of his lectures at Oxford, by which Rhodes was inspired to no end, he moved towards the formation of a ruling class based on national superiority, the Anglo-Saxon identity. Rhodes rose to this challenge and saw God’s Africa as an impeccable project of re-imaging Anglo-Saxon superiority.

It is the 1884-85 Berlin West Africa conference which divided up much of Africa among European colonial powers. In its aftermath, a small army of adventurers, explorers, missionaries, traders and empire-seekers descended on the continent.

Not only was the dark continent the richest depositories of mineral wealth in the entire world, the level of economic functioning and social development was also rudimentary.

Takeover was easy. In the late 1800s Cecil John Rhodes, Lord Rothschild and others known as the “Circle of Initiates” formed a secret society based on Masonic principles. The group became perhaps the single most influential power centre in the Anglo-Saxon world.

It spawned, for instance, the United Nations and dozens of other one worldist institutions. Their main agenda was the takeover and financial control of Africa. Until today we still have Africa conferences in Europe and we do not find fault in them, we are coerced to be signatories, ratifiers and threatened with sanctions if we do not domesticate some of their ridiculous “agreements”, when will our leaders boycott such conventions that discuss us in their lands? How different are these from the 1884-85 conference? Aren’t they a continuation of the partitioning of Africa?

Was it about the economics of the occultic?
The scramble for Africa was an orchestrated move of the New World Order and Cecil John Rhodes was the apostle who was commissioned to execute the agenda. With financing from the Rothschild family, Rhodes consolidated control over most of the gold and diamond mines in what today is Zimbabwe and South Africa.

It is the same family, The Rothschilds who learnt hundreds of years earlier that once you control the credit of a nation, you control its economy, and ultimately you control them. As one of the white scholars Quigley says: “I am afraid the ordinary citizen will not like to be told that the banks can, and do, create money . . . And they who control credit of the nation direct the policy of Governments and hold in the hollow of their hands the destiny of people.” Wasn’t Zimbabwe forced into willing buyer willing seller of land agreement on land stolen from them? Are we not persecuted for reclaiming what belongs to us? Look closely, our geopolitical punishment is because of our interference with their financial plans on Africa. When we derailed their exploitative plans they were quick to direct America, since they control it as well, to punish us. That is the same reason Colonel Muammar Gadaffi was killed, it is the same reason that Thomas Sankara was assassinated, even General Amin was labelled a “fool” because he told them the truth and what they do not want is anyone who sees it.

Rhodes colonised our country through occultic offerings to the Ndebele king, Lobengula. His reign was blueprinted on this country; the only one in the world named after its “founder” (Rhodesia). Rhodes also financed the conquest of Nyasaland (modern Malawi). Rhodes not only slew Africans who stood in his way, but white settlers as well. Such a conflict was what the British refer to as the “Boer War” of 1899-1902. Take note, Rhodes was a homosexual Freemason, on an Agenda inspired by a homosexual Ruskin, financed by the world’s greatest Dons; the Rothschild. Black or white non-freemasons were a threat to him.

Who are the real sons of Rhodes?
Being one of the selected few to be a member of the Apostles at Cambridge University, a homosexual cult of aristocratic youth to which influential academics like Bertrand Russell and Lord Victor Rothschild belonged, Rhodes subscribed to an unnatural aesthetic order of “higher sodomy”. His was the dream of fathering, after death, a vast undercover machine to fulfil his lifelong ambition, and to execute through that the agenda of the New World Order.

Rhodes’ wealth was not for himself. He committed his wealth to a project that the New World Order could use to raise up young minds that would further the agenda of the kingdom of darkness in the nations of the world. In particular Oxford University was a beneficiary of this scheme and Rhodes scholars have emerged to shape the modern world. Many of them have been front players in politics, multinational corporations, church leaders, decision makers. The cream of the academic crop was hand-picked and initiated into the cults of various secret societies. It is the plan of these organisations to control the world, the politics and the economy, by raising a set of people who think differently. Education is the key to their strategy.

Hidden under the guise of educational advancement a worldwide army of men with the ideology of Cecil Rhodes embedded in their hearts and minds have been raised.

Being an apostle of the kingdom of darkness, this would become his vehicle to perpetuate his legacy through his “sons”. The educational scheme, which I call the Rhodes legacy, has shaped America’s destiny, but it is not only the destiny of America, but also of Africa. This scheme, in Rhodes’ own words, is nothing less than a scheme to take the government of the world. One of Rhodes’ biographers Sarah Millin noted: As outlined in Rhodes’ will, the scholarships became the main instrument whereby the most promising young people would be recruited to serve an idea Rhodes thought would take 200 years to fulfil.

We must be delivered from the mindset of the Rhodesian clergy and the laity, the secular and the spiritual, which we did not get from God, but which came from Greece. This is essential because the contest is coming again between the sons of “Zion” (Zimbabweans) and the sons of Greece” (Westerns).

What does the word say?
This article is a prophetic proclamation. God has instructed that the appointed time has come to declare to the academic world, the ivory towers of illumination, the stronghold of lofty imaginations that exalted itself against the works of God, the occultic altar where everybody is forced to bow to the idol of the human mind, the inner circle where satanic knowledge is produced under the guise of wisdom, that God says: there is no light in man, except what John 1: 4 declares:

In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. Because of arrogance, haughtiness and pride, God will change the entire dispensation of higher education. He will restore in these last days a university not according to the ideals of Plato, but according to the Head, which will multiply to us “the knowledge of God and of our Lord; seeing that His divine power has granted us everything pertaining to life and godliness, through the true knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and excellence. (2 Peter. 1:2-3).

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