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Eye on Fashion…Celebrity Instagram celebrities on instagram

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celebrities on instagram

celebrities on instagram

Rutendo Chidawanyika

CELEBRITIES used to entice us from a distance, from movies and magazines, but now they invite us backstage, into their bathrooms and on their private jets, giving us a close-up look at their oh-so-fabulous lives. Check your phone.

We are now kept up-to-date on every second of their day. But with their full-time jobs — performing on stage, touring, acting in television shows, prepping lines for a movie —how do they do it? Well, most of them don’t.

Beyond Extra Cash, Celebs Need to Feed Instagram to Stay Relevant: Even if celebrities don’t feel like, they realise that these days, movie/ music studios are going to look to go straight at their Instagram/ Twitter when considering them for the next big role.

With big money at stake, investors need to know who is going to encourage the most fans to the theatres or who is going to get the most fans to the concert.

Celebrities also need to constantly insert themselves into the conversation to stay relevant. With social media they cannot get comfortable.

It’s Not the Number of Followers, but the Number of Engaged Followers: Just having a large number of followers these days isn’t enough. The demand now is for engaged followers. It’s the ratio of likes/ comments to followers that is being sought after.

Engaged followers are more important — it shows that their followers are not just taking a look at their Instagrams but are actually participating. They are touching the brand. They are getting involved. The convergence of the fans buying the product is when the celebrity has a loyal engagement.

Behind Each Photo Is a Hidden Team of Professionals: The shot — the one of the perfectly fitted bathing suit hugging all the right curves by the azure coloured sea of a celebrity drinking the latest brand of coconut water — is an actual production.

It is very rare that there is just a simple picture of a celebrity with a product. It is set up in advance. There are hair and makeup teams. There is a reason they look so god damn perfect all the time.

A week’s worth of photos are often crammed into a day. The experts tell how they run around shooting them in their outfits.

They will have a rack of wardrobe and be ready to go. And it’s really quick, throw the hair up, thrown the hair down. At the end of the day, they will have 10 to 15 shots retouched. Anything after that, they will pay by the hour.

They can’t be too picky.
And of course there is the Photoshopping. There is 100 percent photoshopping of the pictures. Those pictures are selected to look absolutely perfect. Celebrities are by their very nature aspirational.

Let’s get real for a second. Do you really think someone’s picture perfect Instagram life is their reality? Do you really think that perfect selfie was taken on the first try or not edited a million times to get the perfect filter? Do you think that “perfect couple” you envy on Insta is seriously perfect? Do you think that person constantly showing off all of their expensive things is really happy because of what they own? Take a second to really think about it.

I’ll admit it, sometimes our hectic lifestyle leaves me stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted. But you better believe I’m not going to post a selfie of my tired and worrisome self like “hey y’alllll look like crap & feel like it too ;).”

Sorry guys. I’m not going to post a picture of the way I looked this morning, bed hair and zero makeup on. I’m not going to post about our messy house, unmade beds and pile of laundry in the corner of our room right now.

And nine times out of ten I’m not going to share on social media something I am struggling with internally — even if I do, it’s probably filtered one way or another.

I’m not saying that I put out a fake persona of what my life is really like. I’m just saying that you don’t see someone’s life in its entirety through their social media. I personally love to be a positive, happy go-lucky person and I feel like I portray that through my social media. But it doesn’t mean I don’t ever struggle. Everyone has hard times in life, don’t think they don’t.

Those blah, sad days where you just don’t feel like yourself. Those bad hair days, bad makeup days and days your jeans feel a little tighter than others. Even those days where you feel like the whole world is caving in on you. I’m telling you everyone has these days. Stop comparing yourself to these “perfect” people on Instagram, Facebook, wherever.

Remember that no one has the perfect life, we shouldn’t envy someone else’s life that may “look” different than yours in pictures. Stop questioning your beauty and worth because of what others are posting on the internet. Realise that everyone’s different and unique life is beautiful in itself.

If everyone was as “perfect” as they look on social media life would be boring. So next time you’re scrolling through your feed try to remember not to envy or wish someone else’s life was your own. Everyone has their own amazing story in life, cool Instagram pics or not. — Additional information from Online sources.
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