Eye on Fashion: If men took over fashion, they would ban . . .

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Eye on Fashion: If men took over fashion, they would ban . . .

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Rutendo Chidawanyika

WOMEN love staying on top of fashion trends. It’s a ladies’ thing to want to be sure we’re keeping up with the latest trends and want to look like our favourite celebrities and models. But while we are constantly updating our wardrobes to match the fashion magazines, many men are not so on board with this idea.

Guys are simple creatures. They like women to look their best in classic, well-fitting clothes.

That is why a lot of men have no clue what is going on in the women’s fashion world.

They just don’t care! As long as you look nice, they don’t care if you are wearing a trend from now or the 80s.

While they are often indifferent about trends, there are some things that women love wearing that guys absolutely hate and would ban these trends if given the chance.

Contoured Makeup

In the past years, contouring has taken the makeup world by storm.

With just a few products, you can make your face look totally different by visually sculpting sharp cheekbones, a slim nose, and a smaller forehead.

While many ladies love that they can achieve the face they dream of without plastic surgery, lots of men hate this trend.

They feel that putting so much into your makeup is trying too hard, which is apparently unattractive?

I thought we were supposed to put effort into our looks. This has become such a common opinion that there is a meme about taking a girl swimming on the first date so you can see what she really looks like.

So I guess the key is to do such good contour that the guy doesn’t even know.

Bold Lipstick

Bold, bright, and colourful lipsticks have recently become all the rage.

Women love to play with different shades and finishes (such as matte, lip stain and gloss) in ways that have never been accepted before.

While a bright lip might make you feel glam, beware before applying on your favourite lip colour when you get ready for a date.

Some just do not like the boldness and feel like dark lipstick makes women look more like ladies of the night, I guess.

Others like the look, but will probably not kiss you if you wear a bold lip colour.

Guys enjoy how makeup looks on you but the idea of having it smeared all over their face or clothes after a make out session is anything but attractive.

Cold Shoulder Tops

Tops that reveal your shoulders, often called cold shoulder tops if they have cut-outs, are a major trend these days.

But lots of men (and women too!) love to hate this trend. Lots of haters of the cold shoulder trend hate these tops because there are not practical. Men also see this trend as another version of the half shirt for full price idea, which they don’t get.

Plus they don’t understand the point of covering your arms with sleeves but leaving your shoulders exposed.

What kind of weather is that style even good for? Stick to either a tank top or full sleeves on your next date and you’ll be fine, girls.

High-Waisted Anything

One of the most popular women’s fashion trends which has managed to last long in the fashion scene are: high-waist bottoms.

Magazines tell you to tuck your shirt into a high-waist skirt, shorts, or pants to define your waist.

However, lots of guys hate this look. They think that the look is frumpy and can even look like pamper if the shorts are too short.

Some say it reminds them of the jeans their mum used to wear. Because they are so high, these bottoms make your butt look bigger and may have excess fabric around the belly area.

For lots of men, they think this makes even the skinniest girls look chubby.

Menswear Styles

Guys can’t stand menswear styles on women. While lots of ladies like to dress in suits because it looks powerful, feels comfortable, and gives them a unique style, men are definitely not attracted to this style.

They like women because they look so different from them. So when you make yourself look like a boy, even just with your clothes, it is a major turn-off.

I admit it is pretty sexist to say “you look like a man instead of a woman, so now I don’t like you.” But at the same time I kind of get it.

You should wear whatever makes you happy but if you live in pantsuits and ties, do not expect to get a ton of date offers from straight men.

Super High Heels

High heels can look amazingly sexy if worn right. If they match your outfit and you can walk in them easily, they will make any man stare at you — in a good way.

But crazy high heels are a sure fire way to turn your man off.

They also make you walk like a baby giraffe, which just looks hilarious.

He doesn’t want to worry about you breaking your ankle the whole night! Stick to a more sensible heel or even flats instead so you can walk confidently and look hot too.

If you wear heels stick with them, don’t change into flats as the night progresses. Its tacky!

Open Armpit Shirts

Another recent trend to come into the fashion world is bandeau tops.

They have shown up in the form of swimsuit tops and bras and are everywhere during the summer months.

As a way to show off their cute bandeaus without revealing too much skin, many girls have started wearing tank tops or muscle tees with extra-large arm holes, which allows the bandeau to peek out the sides.

While you may think this is a flirty look, steer clear if you are headed out on a date. Many men think the shirts look too much like the muscle shirts they wear.

They also don’t like their date essentially showing off her underwear to everyone they pass on the street. Next time, save your bandeau for the beach and wear a shirt with full sides.

Leggings of Any Kind

Leggings have recently exploded into a major fashion trend for women.

No longer just an item for working out in, these bottoms can be seen on the streets in every colour and pattern imaginable.

Their super comfy, stretchy fabric and fun styles make leggings a popular item in almost every woman’s closet. However, lots of men are not shy about sharing their hatred for this trend.

First, some guys find the crazy colours and designs too weird and think they make you look either like a clown or a little kid.

As we have already established, men are also often shallow about looks.

As a result, many believe that only women with the so-called perfect figure should wear leggings in public, as the pants show every lump and bump of your body.

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