Failure does not put me down: model

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Failure does not put me down: model

The Sunday News

Rumbidzai Mhlanga, Sunday Life Reporter

After nine years of trials and failures, Sithembiso Muchena has been pressing to strive to get to the top until she was crowned Face of Empress Primy Designs.

The 22-year-old model started modelling while in high school and in 2012 got her first crown as Miss Easter Bone Townsend. Muchena says failing to become Miss Tourism both in 2018 and 2019, did not bring her down although at some point it made her feel like she was not good enough.

“Failing to become Miss Tourism Bulawayo for two years was a great disappointment to myself and a lot of people who believed in me, at some point I was discouraged and I felt like I was not good enough. But I am naturally a very persistent person hence throwing in the towel is never an option for me so on the other hand that made me work harder on myself confidence. 

“I chose modelling over many other things I am capable of doing because I was passionate about it, I have always wanted to be a blessing to those close to me and the society at large and modelling is a gateway towards that as it serves as a training ground for people who want to take key roles in society and I want to have an impact in changing people’s lives,” Muchena said.

Muchena said she has always aimed to get to the top.

“I am one person who believes every journey begins with a single step hence I always knew the small shows I did were paving way for greater ones. It is a great honour now that I was crowned the Face of Empress Primy designs and Brand Ambassador for 2019 and was also crowned Miss Beauty of Africa 2019,” she said.

Muchena aspires to expand the charity foundation that she has established which caters for the needs of children.

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