Family Voices member goes solo

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Family Voices member goes solo Family Voices

The Sunday News

Langalakhe Mabena
After 14 years of sharing memories with 2020 Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards (RoilBAA) nominated Acapella group Family Voices, one of its founders Ronald Stone Sithole has decided to pursue a solo career.

Stone has rebranded and introduced himself with an Afro-soul ballad titled Uthando Kuwe, which has since become a favourite on local radio stations’ playlists.

On the production of the single he closely worked with Vuyile Qongo on saxophone, Theo Chawas on lead guitar with the entire production and mastering done by RoilBAA nominated producer Neshville of RockUp Studio.

He told Sunday Life that going solo was one of the toughest decisions to make in his life and he gives credit to the group for perfecting his skills and the soulful voices he has today.

“I was there when the third generation of the family voices was formed in 2006 , I was a baritone at first then I learnt to do all the other parts save for bass, unfortunately my voice doesn’t go that deep.

“It took me years to finally submit and make peace with myself that I am going solo because I have so much nostalgic moment with Family Voices.

“However, I knew it was a good decision to make because this is how we grow as artistes and sometimes we must not be scared of the next challenges,” said Stone.

Many would ask questions why he decided to shift from gospel to Afro soul, however, to Stone gospel is about preaching love be it Godly or human affection, therefore, he said he sings about love because that’s what God is.

“The name of my new single is Uthando Kuwe, it’s a love song and it was inspired by the need I felt was there to speak of a love that is pure and unperverted, just the way God intended.

“It might not be a gospel track outright but you will notice that because I am Christian, some or most of my values will be depicted in the music I make and besides God is love,” said Stone.

In the interim, Stone revealed that he is currently in the studio working on an album which was set to be released in December, unfortunately, the Covid -19 pandemic setbacks delayed the process.

“People should expect more music from me, things have been slowed down by the pandemic but the plan was to release an album by December, God willing, that dream will be realised.

“I am also planning on doing a lot of collaborations and diversify into acting as I am working with the amazing crew of YaSibo Media on a series called Chillas which is set to premier in the next few weeks,” said Stone.

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