Fast-growing EVs company, Agilitee Africa enters West Africa

26 Aug, 2021 - 11:08 0 Views
Fast-growing EVs company, Agilitee Africa enters West Africa

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Electric vehicles manufacturing company, Agilitee Africa, which is earmarked to set up shop in Zimbabwe this year, continues to make waves on the African continent after the company opened operations in West Africa this week.

Agilitee Africa unveiled its offices in Nigeria, which will serve as the headquarters for the region.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Agilitee Africa said the entry into West Africa’ will help reduce the unhealthy consumption of petroleum products, particularly in Nigeria, which is the continent’s most populous nation.

“The West Africa Headquarters in Lagos will serve the entire Ecowas (Economic Community of West African States) region as the company plans to sale Agilitee Nigeria and Agilitee Ghana licenses by the end of October. Agilitee plans to push EV adoption as the company is seeking to partner with regional governments in an effort to expedite the process of EV infrastructure development predominantly the charging stations for all EVs, not just those produced by Agilitee,” said the statement.

Recently, Agilitee Afica launched a collection of three two-wheeler electric motor cycles. One of the models dubbed– the LoadEX -, is an electric delivery motorcycle targeted for use by fast-food delivery and courier companies.

Agilitee Africa said its EV motorbikes come with special features such as “no need for oil changing, no need for fuel, no exhaust gases or noise.”

Touted as the mode of transportation for the future, Agilitee, which is headquartered in South Africa, has successfully obtained partnerships with financiers such as Capitec Bank, Verityhurst and ABSA Bank.

The company has also sold licences in Ghana, Kenya, Botswana, Ireland and India.

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