Floppy X in search of more ‘gold’

11 Mar, 2018 - 00:03 0 Views
Floppy X in search of more ‘gold’ Floppy X

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Floppy X

Floppy X

Bhekumuzi Ncube, Sunday Life Reporter
AFTER outshining rivalries in last year’s Skyz Metro FM awards when his song Ngidakwe Ngihambe Ngeface bagged the song of the year gong, Floppy X is back and determined to make 2018 unforgettable as well as surpass last year’s achievements.

The Ingwebu ambassador recently dropped a single titled Duduzile featuring Slow Down. The track which has a profound theme of comfort promises to make it as part of Floppy X’s best collection as it is being played on local radio stations days after being officially released.

The award winning rapper said after hogging the limelight last year, he took a break from producing music as he was celebrating last year’s accomplishments.

“Last year was incredible. From launching my debut album to winning an award was extremely special. I have been resting all this time, reflecting on the amazing things that unfolded in 2017. I am very thankful to the people who voted for me last year and are still supporting me. I am motivated and determined to keep making them happy by releasing mouthwatering projects.”

The rapper who usually calls himself the “rap god” said he was happy with the progress of arts appreciation in the City of Kings.

“Bulawayo has proven to be a proud supporter of arts. The hype of this year’s Bulawayo Arts Awards is gradually reaching all the streets of the city of royalty. It makes us happy as artistes that fans are so in love with projects delivered to them. My wish is for fans to keep supporting the arts industry as well as local artistes. Massive support from fans will create a reinforced foundation for local artistes to compete worldwide,” he said.

Floppy X said Cal_Vin’s Revenge of The Vin album is directed to him and winners of national hip-hop awards that took centre stage last year in which Cal_Vin walked away empty handed.

“Cal_Vin is the king of rap and I am the rap god. People have been asking who is better between Cal_Vin and Floppy X, but honestly I have never thought of competing against Cal_Vin.

However, Cal_Vin named his album Revenge of the Vin because he didn’t end the year on a high note. It’s clear that with his album, he will be aiming to scoop more gongs this year,” he said.

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