Free monitoring devices for diabetes patients

17 Nov, 2019 - 00:11 0 Views
Free monitoring devices for diabetes patients Cassava HealthTech Chief Operating Officer Mr Denver Phiri

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Cassava HealthTech subsidiaries Steward Health and Maisha Health will this month partner to give away free diabetes monitoring devices, as well as free diabetes tests to over 50 000 people nationwide as part of their commemoration of World Diabetes Month this November. 

Cassava HealthTech Chief Operationing Officer Mr Denver Phiri  said the smart diabetes monitoring devices use Internet of Things (IoT) technology to allow remote monitoring of diabetes patients by their doctor or any healthcare professional of their choice. 

“We are taking part in the world’s largest diabetes awareness campaign this month and, in line with this year’s theme of uniting the family against diabetes, Steward Health and Maisha Health will be issuing free state-of-the-art diabetes monitoring devices to eligible members of its medical aid plans that live with the condition. 

“This empowers diabetic patients to manage their own health through self-testing, with the added assurance of their doctor monitoring them from anywhere in the world,” he said. 

Mr Phiri said families of patients played a key role in the management, care and education around diabetes, saying the technology enables family members to be alerted of any abnormalities recorded by the devices. 

“This creates a wider care and support network around the diabetic patient, empowering them to manage the condition and avoid life threatening complications,” said Mr Phiri. 

Healthcare experts say raising awareness, early diagnosis and treatment are critical in managing diabetes. 

According to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), one in every two people with diabetes is undiagnosed. As a result, many people are not aware that they have diabetes until they develop complications. 

“That’s why we will also be offering free diabetes testing at various sites across the country with the aim of screening over 50 000 people nationwide,” said Mr Phiri. 

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