Fuel saving treatment liquid a hit with motorists

21 Dec, 2014 - 00:12 0 Views

The Sunday News

Nqobizitha Dhlamini Business Reporter
A FUEL saving treatment has hit the market and has gained popularity especially with commuter omnibus operators amid reports that it ensures more mileage out of fuel, Sunday Business can reveal.

Syntek Global, an international company introduced Xtreme fuel treatment that when mixed with petrol improves performance of your combustion engine.

Matabeleland province project co-ordinator, Mr Butho Nkomo, said the product was proving to be a blessing to motorists.

“When added to petrol or diesel fuel, XFT results in increased horsepower, reduces carbon build-up and carbon-related maintenance problems. This treatment also reduces harmful emissions and pollutants sent into the environment through the use of fossil fuels,” Mr Nkomo said.

Mr Nkomo said the treatment had a lot of advantages as it has additional components that include detergents for diesel and petrol engines, lubricants to treat pumps and injectors including a corrosion inhibitor to keep metal parts of the fuel system like new.

“This treatment also contains stability agents to prolong the life of stored fuel and polymerisation retardants to reduce solid formation.

It also ensures reduced cold and acid corrosion, reduced high temperature corrosion and more, hence that is the reason why it is in favour of the commuter omnibus operators as it saves them a lot of money towards the maintenance of their vehicles which spend a lot of time on the road,” he said.

In a survey conducted by Sunday Business at Basch Street terminus popularly known as Egodini operators said that this fuel treatment that is sold at the company’s offices in Bulawayo and Harare had helped them save a lot of money in their business.

Mr Mkhokheli Khumalo, a commuter omnibus operator at the rank, said he saved a lot of fuel daily owing to the treatment.

“To realise profit in this current economy that has rising fuel prices, XFT has been a saviour to our pockets and vehicles. Since I began treating my fuel with the product my vehicle does more mileage than previously with untreated fuel,” said Mr Khumalo.

Another motorist in the city, Mr Charles Chuma, who said he discovered the product by accident, had nothing but praise for the product.

“I discovered the product by accident and ever since I started using it I have never looked back. My car’s performance has also improved considerably,” he said.

Syntek Global was founded in 2007 and XFT has been used globally for the past couple of years.

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