Future Love a bad dad

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The Sunday News

WHILE most fathers woke up to sweet, heartwarming messages and gifts from their children on Father’s Day last Sunday, former Iyasa member, Future Sibanda, popularly known as Future Love, woke up to an unflattering message from an ex-girlfriend accusing him of being an irresponsible dad.
The message, posted on 22-year-old Samantha Rejoyce Mazibisa’s Facebook wall, ungraciously undressed the talented Austria based Future.
Mazibisa stated that she had been a better parent and had done her best as a mother to provide for their child materially and emotionally.

In an exclusive interview, the China based Mazibisa, who is presently studying for a degree in International Economy and Trade at Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, likened Future to a gold digger, saying he was a heartless person, who only pretended to be a sweet and humble person only to get what he wanted.

“People don’t know the real Future and how heartless he is. Even if you expose him it won’t help. I went through a lot because of that guy. Future isn’t sweet like people think he is. He’s heartless and I heard a rumour that he once impregnated another girl before but it was kept on a low profile.

“He doesn’t do anything for this baby, he doesn’t even want anything to do with her but he talks crap. . . After what my family did for him. He would sleep at my aunt’s house in Harare because he had no accommodation. He was treated like family but when he impregnated me he decided to run away from responsibility. . . I suffered so much,” she said.

Mazibisa also revealed that Future had never bought a single item for the child let alone touch her.
“He did nothing, not even a toy for the baby. He would hang up the calls when I called him, my mother did everything for me and the baby, when I went to his place to show him and his family our baby, his mother would hide him in the bedroom, preventing him from seeing the baby,” she said.

Mazibisa also opened up about her relationship with Future.
“We started dating in Harare; he was a family friend, loved by all my family members. He would borrow money from my mother to go and buy his stuff to sell in Germany and other countries they used to visit when he was still with Iyasa. My mother would lend him money, which he wouldn’t pay back. My mother being the kind and sweet lady she is, never asked for the money back or harassed him, she treated him like her younger brother.

“Future would go to the rural areas to meet my grandfather and other family members and was treated like family, even the sofa his mother sits on today, the quarter of the money used to buy it was given by my mom and they chose the sofa together. No one knew about our relationship then but only my cousins.

“It was in 2009; I would visit him at his place, sleep there and even wash his clothes. I started sleeping at his place often and my mother wasn’t amused, so we both got into trouble. She even got him arrested because he was sleeping with me. My mother decided to forgive him and he was released from police custody, with just a warning.

“The relationship obviously continued until the fateful day I told him I was pregnant. He told me to abort but I wasn’t for the idea. We are now in the year 2014, my baby is turning five in October, his parents know about the baby and they treated me like trash.

“They treated my mom like some piece of sh*t. The last time I went there with the baby they hid Future in the bedroom, I showed Future’s mother the baby and she called members of the Guta RaMwari Church and banned me from going to their house, saying I wasn’t and would never be part of their family and they even refused us to undergo blood tests,” she charged.

Future could not be drawn into commenting, as he preferred to remain mum on the issue.

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