Gay suggestive picture sparks outrage

02 Nov, 2014 - 00:11 0 Views

The Sunday News

A MAN from Paddonhurst in Bulawayo, who is believed to be a transgender, recently sparked outrage, after he posted lewd pictures of himself on Facebook holding a sex toy, commonly referred to as a dildo.
The man, identified as Matthew, also known as Mat Tux Horton, however, denied being gay, but acknowledged having posted the picture.
He told Sunday Leisure: “I am neither bi-sexual nor gay. The picture was taken while I was on holiday in South Africa. It was just a random picture. The picture was taken a long time ago. It’s an innocent picture and it was not directed to anyone. I am not sending a message in anyway to anyone.

“It’s a personal picture, I don’t see why or how this should be a story. People take pictures holding trees and stuff, what’s wrong with this one,” he said, before stating that he would be visiting Sunday News offices to have a “word” with the editor.

Other accusations that arose from the pictures are that Mat was openly gay, despite having been in denial about his sexual orientation while growing up.

“A friend of mine told me that he really had trouble with his sexual orientation and preference while he was growing up. It seems he finally accepted who he truly is. But those pictures he posts are just radical and out of this world,” said the source.

Another source claimed that Mat had, not so long ago, travelled to China to have a sex change so that he could marry his gay lover.
“He is very well travelled. We believe that his lover is wealthy and occasionally spoils him with these lavish trips to Asia and other African countries. If you know Mat then you would know the type of people he hangs around with. He also runs a thriving makeup company, which draws its clientele from mostly the elite and white people,” said the source.

Mat could not be drawn into commenting any further about the allegations, as he preferred not to answer his phone when Sunday Leisure called him.

His phone continuously rang and went unanswered by the time of going to Press. He has since removed the controversial picture on Facebook.


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