Get into shape…Doing delts workouts

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Get into shape…Doing delts workouts shoulder workout

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shoulder workout

shoulder workout

Simon Gama

BEGIN with a press, either with dumbbells, a barbell on a smith machine. Start off nice and light — the shoulder joint is delicate so it’s better to go a little overboard on warming up the area by adding an extra set or two of warm-ups.

Once you get into the groove, go up in weight from set to set. Presses attack all three heads of the deltoid muscle, giving a lot of work to the front and middle while also engaging the rear heads to a lesser extent. Once you have the press out of the way it’s time to give a little touch to all three heads, separately.

Pump the side delts first with standing laterals, the move to front raises and finally to bent — over laterals. While dumbbells have an effective weapon of choice for the shoulder, cables provide constant tension all the way through lateral-type moves making them a solid part of your shoulder workout rotation.

Try pyramiding up your weights when doing side laterals. Here’s an example of pyramiding training principle: Start with 30-pound dumbbells for 15:50 pounders for 12 and 60 pounds for 10.

Wide grip pull up: Start: Some call it the number one back exercise. You can’t build a complete back without it.

Smith machine seated press: Start: the front press with a free barbell most of the time, sometimes I’ll use the smith machine, which provides better balance. Using a seat with a back support set your feet solidly on the floor and take a shoulder width grip on the bar.

Action: press the bar up as high as you can without lacking out your elbows at the apex. I don’t look out because it takes the tension off and when you do that you’re losing part of why you’re doing the exercise in the first place. On the way bring the weight to your chest without pausing at the bottom before beginning another rep.

Dumbbell Lateral raise: Start: Stand with your feet shoulder — width apart holding two dumbbells with your palms facing each other maintaining a slight bend in your elbows so the weights begin in front of your hips. If you prefer you can also start with the dumbbells at your sides, either way is effective so its just a matter of preference.

Action: Contract your debts and lead with the weights until they come up and out to your sides. Your upper arms should be parallel with the floor,  only a brief pause at the apex, continue with a slow and controlled movement back to the start position and immediately begin another rep. Sometimes I’ll switch up and use cables for a change of pace.

Dumbbell front raise: Start: stand with your feet shoulder width apart, holding two dumbbells with your palms facing the sides of your thighs and with a slight bend in both of your elbows.

Action: Lift one weight in front of yourself to just above level with the top of your head, twisting your wrist so your palm faces the floor at the top. I hold it there for a brief second, then lower the dumbbell back down.

After returning to the start position with that first dumbbell, immediately switch arms and follow the same procedure to complete one full rep.On this move sometimes I’ll use a barbell for variety’s sake. You can also try the dumbbell version using palms — facing hammer grip the entire time instead of performing the twist on the “up” phase.

For efficiency and a change of pace, front raise can be paired with side lateral, do a front raise and a lateral raise with one arm, then the other alternating until you complete 12 reps of each move per arm.

Delt workout (Exercise)
Dumbbell lateral raise, 4 sets, repeat 15 times,15 times; Dumbbell Front raise, 2 sets, repeat 20 times, 15 times; Bent over lateral raise, 3 sets, repeat 12 times; Bent over lateral raise, 3 sets, repeat 12 times

In this reverse drop set, pyramid up the weights while dropping the reps, do 20 reps, drop the weight ,do 15 reps ,drop the weight etc. Dont rest between drops and run through this four-drop set twice. — Additional information from Online Sources.
n The writer, Simon Gama is a fitness coach at Body Works Gym in Bulawayo.

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