Godlover at it again

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Godlover at it again Admire Saunyama

The Sunday News

Samantha Munyurwa, Sunday Life Reporter
BULAWAYO-BASED gospel artiste Admire  Saunyama, better known as Godlover has released another single titled Guruva.

The gospel song was released on 14 September.

“I released it in honour of my father’s birthday. My parents have been supportive of my career. So I urge all parents to be like that and support their children through their dreams. The song is heavily backed by the story in the Bible where our Lord Jesus Christ raises his brother Lazarus from the dead.”

The musician also explained his stage name.

“Honestly speaking, I am inspired by the giver of the gift, hence the meaning of the name Godlover and my new song

is Guruva as in kubva muguruva and in English, coming from the grave.”

The 28-year-old said he personally relates to the song as in the same week he released the song, it was the same week he got a job.

“I remember receiving the song from the Lord and the same week of it getting a job, so the Lord has also worked wonders in my life. Yes, I relate to it more because I feel the Lord is saying it’s time for me to break out so to speak and to all the Godlovers out there. The Lazarus type of blessing.”

Godlover is hoping to release an album next year.

“I really hope to release an album next year if the Lord allows. But by His grace, I really hope to be able to fulfil my wishes and be able to minister His word through an album next year in December and I wish to release an Extended Play (EP, longer than a single but shorter than an album. EP typically features between two-five songs) first around Easter 2022.”

A few years back, the gospel artiste was nominated for the ROIL Bulawayo Arts Festival best gospel artiste. He is also working on a single with his sister, and has featured on the second album, At the altar, released by Harvest House Super Choir.

On the new track the musician has worked with Daniel DeeMac (producer) his younger sister Pamela Saunyama on backing vocals and Mufasa Nigel Nyamwenda who was the vocal coach.

“I enjoyed a lot to be real, these guys are among the best. Watch out for Daniel Ndlovu aka DeeMac a Harvest House product. Just by listening to Guruva one will understand where I am coming from.”

He added that he was trying to push for his music to be played on radio.

“Getting your song to be played on most radio platforms even on television is not a quick stroll in the park. So I guess patience pays. Poor or limited connections make it hard for me to push my music but I am working on it, however, Cde Phil played Guruva on Khulumani FM a day after it was released. So respect goes to him as far as airplay is concerned  and giving hope to the hopeless.”

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