Gokwe villagers cash in on flooded rivers

19 Oct, 2021 - 16:10 0 Views
Gokwe villagers cash in on flooded rivers

The Sunday News

Vusumuzi Dube, Online News Editor

Gokwe North villagers are reportedly taking advantage of flooding rivers in the area by charging motorists as much as US$100 to drag cars across using own manpower or oxen.

The most affected area is the Kawongo Bridge which is along the road that connects Gokwe South and Gokwe North via Nemangwe.

In an interview with Sunday News Gokwe-Chireya Member of the National Assembly, Cde Torerayi Moyo said they were fully aware of the problems that were being faced at the Kawongo Bridge saying Treasury had allocated funds towards its construction in the 2021 budget but the disbursement had not taken place as yet.

“What happened is that a contract for that bridge was awarded around 2017 but the job was shoddily done and the bridge was actually destroyed by the rains in 2018, before it was even commissioned.

“Treasury allocated funds towards its reconstruction in the 2021 but disbursement has not taken place to date. I have been pushing for the past six months so that the funds can be released noting that the rainy season will soon be upon us,” said Cde Moyo.

He said the bridge was located in a geologically difficult terrain hence there was a need to come up with a special flyover design so that it could not easily swept away by rains.

“Just that bridge alone requires close to US$2 million but we are confident that with President Mnangagwa’s Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme, funds for this particular bridge will be disbursed and its reconstruction begins in earnest,” said the legislator.

However, villagers who spoke to this publication accused unscrupulous individuals of further damaging the road and bridge so as to cash in on the crisis.

“Some of these problems are man made, people are actually digging trenches so that the area becomes slippery and vehicles can’t pass. Some are charging as much US$100 just to assist motorists through,” said Mr Aleck Ngwenya.


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