Gospel For All Nations Conference is here

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Gospel For All Nations Conference is here Mai Murata at the Women of Substance service

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Mai Murata at the Women of Substance service

Mai Murata at the Women of Substance service

Franklin Chikwanda
LIFE has its ups and downs and people go through many challenges and experiences that often have a negative impact and affects not only their physical and mental well-being but also their spiritual lives.

The Gospel For All Nations Conference (Gofan) is there to revive and rebuild not only the spiritual aspect of a person’s life but also their relationship with God, that had been compromised by the many pressures and challenges that people face in their day to day lives. Challenges and pressures of life often lower the appetite and desire to seek and worship God.

So the Gospel for All Nations Conference (Gofan Revival) is geared to provoke and inspire the heart, not only to come back to God, but also to do the work of God with the expectation of the second coming of Jesus Christ. The Gofan Conference re-ignites the soul to remain connected to God. It will be held in Bulawayo from 19 to 23 September 2018 at Security Mills, 12 Luton Road.

This year it will be bigger and  better as we are now a stand-alone ministry. The hosting of the conference to spread the Gospel to every home and to all nations is all thanks to Gofan Partners. It is better to have a Partner than to go at it alone, share the work and share the wealth. Gofan Partners are people coming in to support the revival.

The revival has certain standards that it adheres to and upholds that are always of an international standard. Financial support is needed to cater for and maintain that standard. We are not apologetic to create an environment of high standards not only to preach the word God but also to express His presence and the Glory of His Kingdom.

It is a legacy and an honour to be known in the history books for having worked and supported the Kingdom of God to uplift and better other people’s lives during your days here on earth. In the future we are looking forward to hosting the Gofan Conference in other cities of the country to win more souls for Jesus as we spread the Spirit of God alive within the  revival nationwide  so that many people can benefit from the ministry of healing and deliverance grace upon Apostle L Bwanya.

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