Gwanda miner donates building materials to StanMore Clinic

19 Jun, 2024 - 17:06 0 Views
Gwanda miner donates building materials to StanMore Clinic

Sunday News Reporter

A gold mine in Gwanda  – Makwe 24 Mine has come to the rescue of StanMore Clinic in Gwanda North constituency by donating an assortment of key materials to rehabilitate the health facility.

The clinic, facing resource shortages for some time, lacked a roof and had unreliable water supply, hindering its healthcare services

Makwe 24 Mine Director, Mr Lungisani Two Minutes Ncube said the donation demonstrates a strong commitment to social responsibility.

“The mine has donated asbestos sheets for the roofing, a 5000-liter water tank, door frames, and window frames.

“These contributions are not only rebuilding the clinic’s infrastructure but are also revitalising the community’s confidence in their local healthcare system,” said Ncube.

He noted that in an era where corporate social responsibility is increasingly recognised as crucial, Makwe 24 Mine sets a powerful example.

“The mine’s vision and commitment are paving the way for sustainable community development, ensuring that the benefits of mining extend beyond economic gains to include substantial social improvements.

“The donations from Makwe 24 Mine have not only provided immediate relief but have also laid the groundwork for long-term community development,” he added.

Gwanda North community members have expressed gratitude for the mine’s generous donations.

“We are very happy about what Lungisani Ncube is doing for our community. He has done so much to uplift the lives of ordinary people.”

“The roof and water tank will make a significant difference. Now, our clinic can function properly, and we won’t have to worry about water shortages anymore. This is a big relief for all of us,” said Mrs Sakhile Moyo.

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