Hair trends this summer

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Hair trends this summer

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Fashion 6 August 20171

Rutendo Chidawanyika

NOW that the winter is slowly coming to an end it’s safe to say “toss that weave and wear your OWN hair”. Apart from makeup and shoes women are super particular about how their hair looks. Going to the hair salon to get pampered and beautified qualify as me time, so ladies ME TIME is encouraged this season.

When it comes to hair most women like to stay in the comfort zone of what they prefer or can afford. It’s ok to leave home as a natural black and go back a redhead or blondie. Do take more risks this summer, for those who are into weaves take a big break from them. Below are some options of hairdos to choose from this season within your budget.

When it comes to colours it is always hard to choose a hair color for this or that skin complexion but the fact is that there is a tone for everyone. Dark skin women always think that they can wear only certain hair colours but they can pull off any shade- from solid to bright pastels. The initial part of it is to choose a right tone as you know that every colour has various sub-tones that may flatter your complexion.

Cornrows AKA Carrot

Cornrows come in many shapes and shades. These braids have always been the signature style of women from a very young age. Cornrow braids are also involved into the list of protective hairstyles that may last at least 2-3 weeks. You can achieve different hair looks using cornrow braids, a straight back or even a simple ponytail hairstyle looks a lot better with these elements. Or you can have to cornrows done without the braids. With this hairdo you can go swimming or even get your hair wet in the rain, it’s not as difficult to maintain. The French goddess braid will fall under this category as well.

Short natural hair

African women are known for their kinky and thick hair type and sometimes they are having troubles while styling their natural hair. It is either difficult to deal with such hair type or the length is not enough for creating an impressive a hairdo. Sometimes the only solution seems to have a short haircut. To add more sass you can twists it, have a Mohawks, S-curl or just dye it as is. Some usually get the “mandela” cut. This is the easiest to maintain. Do wash your hair regularly get hairsprays to keep it looking crisp.


A lot of ladies have resorted to the undercut which some manage to maintain well. The undercut is when you shave of some of the hair at the back of your head and live the rest as to plait, style or tong so that it looks a certain, such as Pokello. This hairdo is tricky because it needs to looks good on you and you have to have a good hairdresser for it to look chic. It’s not for everyone but very trendy.

Faux locks and braids

These are fake dreadlocks or braids which they crotchet on your hair so it appears as though you have the real ones or so you don’t have to get the actual ones. This trend seems like it won’t be going away anytime soon. The blonde and red seem to be lit. Although lads with the real locks complain that it is insulting to them, but we will still get them done temporarily. With the fake braids some just don’t have the time to sit for long so they become a better option and they still last longer.

Box braids

These have always been around they still are and will always be. What changes is the length, thickness or even colour. You can never go wrong with box braids. Think outside the box, try them in grey, purple, blue or even white. Summer is all about bright colour after all.
And then if you are a weave person or are not so much into fashion or are trying to grow your hair out, you can stick to that weave mamma. Some are on the brazillian Peruvian lace front wigs and that’s still alright. To our sisters with the REAL LOCKS, do retouch, restyle and we will meet you half way in our FAUX LOCKS.

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