Harvest of Thorns Classic: A Play by Shimmer Chinodya

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Harvest of Thorns Classic: A Play by Shimmer Chinodya Shimmer Chinodya

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Shimmer Chinodya

Shimmer Chinodya

Charles Dube
Medical, traditional, prophecy — what are the causes of Shamiso’s pregnancy?

CLOPAS gets married to Shamiso, but, “their blissful union is clouded by Shamiso’s failure to conceive.” After failed medical and traditional attempts, a chance visit by a prophetic pair from a prophetic Pentecostal church antagonistically yields results.

Clopas is obsessed with having children and welcomes anything to achieve that goal. After the police who threatened them with eviction from the bachelor quarters have left he hits the nail while it is hot.

He takes advantage of that reminding Shamiso of what the policeman said: “If we don’t have babies soon we’ll be evicted.”

But, Shamiso disputes that saying they did not say that. Clopas encourages Shamiso to have a sip of water with tubers, the stuff that Sekuru gave them. Clopas is so desperate to have children, that is the reason he moves from tradition to medical institutions seeking for help. He is confused as he does not know where his help is going to come from.

But Shamiso proves to be an obstacle to his plans. She initially refuses to try the stuff from Sekuru. “I’ll have none of it. You try it yourself.” As an assurance that the stuff from Sekuru is harmless, Clopas tastes the concoction and crinkles his face. This draws hysterical laughter from Shamiso who asks Clopas: “What if you get pregnant?” Clopas is unconcerned about all the fun Shamiso is making of him after tasting the concoction. He continues coaxing Shamiso to drink the stuff stating that it is bitter though. Sekuru attributed that to its ability to clean the womb and her tubes.

After continuous persuasion from Clopas, Shamiso eventually downs the full contents of that stuff and starts moaning. In gasps she warns Clopas that if anything happens to her he will know what to tell her people. Soon after Clopas and Shamiso get visitors, the prophetic pair as mentioned at the beginning of this article — Church woman and Church man. The Church man informs them that God has sent them to their house. From a religious point of view this gesture is worth celebrating.

In the Holy Bible some people were visited by angels when their prayers had been answered. Is it so with Clopas’ family?

When Shamiso asks this pair what church they come from, we get an interesting answer when the Church man with a flourish says their church has no label. The Church woman expounds that they are not orthodox churches like the Roman Catholic Church, or the Anglican Church or the Assembly of God or the Lutheran or the Methodist Church — to mention but a few. She reveals that they are the Church of the Holy Spirit.

The Church woman goes on to make a stunning revelation that they worship God directly and he speaks to them directly.

Such revelations suggest that they are the only pure church under the sun. But remember “self-praise has no recommendation”. Is it really true what they are saying? However, the pair seems to be confident of their God and they know what they are doing. The Church woman tells Clopas and Shamiso that God has revealed their problem to them, they know it, and has sent them to guide them away from imminent evil.

The Church man adds that God has told them about one thing the couple badly desires in their lives at the moment. The Church woman says they have been sent to pray for them to find it without falling prey to evil. The Church asks for permission to pray for the couple, that is, Clopas and Shamiso. They go on to give a moving prayer starting by thanking the Almighty Lord Jesus, for guiding them to this house and bringing them face to face with his two servants and thank Him for driving the devil from their door.

They thank the Lord Jesus for giving them the strength and courage to let them inside their walls. They thank the Lord for giving the couple wisdom to listen to his revelation and went on to ask the Lord to enter their hearts and drive out all unclean thoughts and intentions. They go on to challenge Lord Jesus to show his power — and grant the young couple their wish, today and now, and make them see his great shining kindness and glory.

They pray for the couple to give their lives to the Lord’s mission. The Church man declares that the Lord has revealed to them that the couple’s wish will be fulfilled several times over, the Church woman adds that it will be very soon. The couple is told that they would have three children, two boys and one girl. The Church woman even suggests names of the three children, Benjamin, Esther and Peter. But all this will come about if the couple prays hard.

The Church woman says: “Have faith and all shall be granted”. Finally, the couple is invited for Sunday church service by the prophetic pair. Clopas accepts the invitation and assures the prophetic pair that they would definitely come. When the prophetic pair leaves Shamiso remains in deep thought. “Three children — This news is too hard to believe. On the other hand, Clopas is excited about the suggested names from the Bible. But Shamiso is in disbelief.

She is wondering how people have come to know that they want a child. “How did they even know we wanted a child? How did anybody? First the matron at the clinic, and that Sekuru and his tubers, and now these church people.” However, Clopas is philosophical about telling Shamiso that it is a big confusing world. “It’s a big, confusing world, Shami. Who’s right? Who can tell, or decide, what the future holds? Well, what shall we do? I say let’s go to the church. It can’t do us any harm.”

Shamiso takes it upon her stride as she does not want to hurry things. She reminds Clopas that it is only Monday and they have the whole week to decide. Clopas is already looking forward to going to church, showing desperation to have a child.

Time has been long for Clopas. The question we have to answer later on when Shamiso gets pregnant is, is it a result of traditional medicine from Sekuru, or modern medicine from the clinic or spiritual power as fashioned by the prophetic pair?

We need to come out with a clear stand as to who was responsible for the success of cleansing Shamiso’s barrenness? Medical, traditional or divination — is any of these responsible for Shamiso’s pregnancy?

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